Wear black is called advanced, classic fashion never time, practical match makes you fashionable explosion table

Black seemingly dull, but it is stylish and tasteful. Many stylish is always able to showcase the sexy and noble display of black. However, black itself is not universal high-quality, some people are tired of black wear, and many people can look up black, in addition to their outstanding temperament, and they are closely related to their smart match.

In the shape of the shape, the most old is the tallery, with the embellishment of the accessory, the overall temperament is changed in an instant

. Especially in the shape of the whole body, the accessories must be added, which is the small embellishment, and the exquisite and taste of women.

I want to look back in black, and I can’t do it for my makeup. The skin is clean and shiny in black, you can rejuvenate the brilliance, and the lift of the lift can be light, and each chant can emit a unique charm of women.

Classic black, wild fashion is very mysterious, with unlimited energy

It can match all kinds of bright colors, the visual effects, often able to make people look bright, and can create a noble temperament in women.


Black sweater with long black lace half skirt, elegant mysterious and female taste, with the swaying of the skirt, can easily understand the heavy feelings brought by the black, combined with the soft yarn and lace, write women Noble and romance. A green square becomes a pen, three-dimensional shape, retro colors, can make people look bright.

Black can be matched with any color, where


The higher the saturation, the more the effect of matching it is colorful.

. Of course, this is a distinct contrast, more suitable for a distinctive woman.

For example, this shape, the combination of black coats and semi-skirts, the waves are very windy, and the momentum of walking is very confident, a neat short wave head, it seems to be practiced, and there is a blue The bag, freedom, and very charming.


Black and pink match is also extra harmony

, The black and beautiful black girl encounters the pink of soft and girl, collides with the screen of just fierce, and the gentleness of the girl, and a woman’s independence.

Don’t worry about the increase in pink area, no need to worry about the shape look too sweet, because a black shape can suppress pink and sweet, and the combination between them has completed, let the overall dress not only releases female mature The charm can also add a few teenage girls, and the handful of orange is a square bag, and the trendy gentle and no female traits.

Pink gentleness is black, and the characteristics of pink can instantly change the black old depth and boring. In the clothes match, the pink can appear in the form of an accessory, and can also be combined with a combination of pink. .


If you are worried about pinkness is too delicate, you can choose a pink half skirt to add a black coat, and the trendyness will instantly improve. The pink half skirt has a certain distance from the face, so you don’t have to worry about the problem of your skin color, the adapter is higher. It is equipped with a gray high-neck sweater, soft and warm, loose neckline to modify the small chin, lazy natural and fashionable.

Black and white combination is a set of classic color matching


, Black and white, simple and pure, contradictory, and the opposite is aesthetic. A black shape is handsome and cool, and the length of the shoulder is fluffy, stubborn, with a black sunglasses, covering the mysterious personality in Liu Hai.

Crossing a white chain square package, cascade, stylish. Small-area white is made as embellishment, enhances the overall brightness, and the strong comparison between black and white is also added more attention to the shape, and the black dress area will be re-divided, and the trendy is naturally improved.

A black shape will always bring a dullness, you can

Use the differences in different materials to create a level

It seems that there is always a sense of integration, and it will not seem to be monotonous. Black Lancar Coat with black lanterns sleepers, silk materials are glossy, and the texture of the coat is put off.

The design is exquisite, and it seems unrecriminated skin treatment, deducting women’s lazy and sexy, and instantly break the dullness. A gold necklace is in which not only optimizes the beauty of the neck, but also highlights a bit more expensive.

Black V-top sweater and black cone combination is very suitable for many people, there is no need to consider the problem of height or fat and thin, black for the strength of the body, enough to hide the body.


The style of V-neck can expose the skin of the neck, which can show both good-looking ceremonic necks, but also add a bit of breathing, and the shorter mounting mode will be optimized for the proportion of the body. It is suitable for long coats that are mixed with a variety of colors.


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