Type introduction of generous plants commonly used in gift packaging box manufacturers

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Gift box

In fact, it is generally pasted by glue, such as such a non-foldable box such as a heaven and earth cover, a flip box. So, which is generally suitable for use in the bonding of the box. Today, Sakura Pacific Packaging is a brief introduction to the glue commonly used in our packaging box.

Jelly glue

Because this glue appearance is more similar to jelly, the main component is hot melt adhesive, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and there is a clear fragrance, which is generally mainly used in the paper pack of the gift box, there is no odor.

2. White Laptamer

It is one of the more long history, suitable for sufficient glue, subaral paper with ordinary paper, special paper, gold and silver cardboard, plastic box, wooden box paste. Widely used in print packaging, hardcover boxes, jewelry boxes, moon cake boxes, wine boxes, and gift boxes and PVC leather cases.

3. Paper plastic

Suitable for glue, sublatable and common paper, special paper, art paper, pearl paper, etc. Not only is it widely used in the production and production of gift packaging boxes, but also applies to production and production of portable paper bags.

Gift packaging box making

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Sealed commonly used glue, after reading, you can let you know more about the packaging, if you want to know more information about the packaging production, please pay attention to Sakura Pack.

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