In the child’s thermal insulation cup, you can’t make it!

“Insulating the cup in the cup.” Due to the lyrics of the draft show, it also reflects the attention of many people on “health” “health”. But many people don’t know that in adult thermal insulation cups can be bubble, while children can only hold hot water.

Since the stomach is weak, whether it is playing or going to school, it is essential to give your child a cup of insulation cup. However, in addition to buying expensive products, parents don’t know how to choose a thermos cup. In addition, when children use the thermos cup, there are many ways to adults, they need parents to pay attention.

In this life laboratory, the child will discuss the use of the insulation cup.

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Give your child a warm cup, have a payment

Give your child choosable the insulation cup to make many parents’ headaches, I only know how to choose a strong, healthy, but I don’t know how to start. To this end, the sales manager of a thermal insulation cup store introduced to the reporter that choosing a thermos cup, whether it is a child or an adult, the standard phase is not large, and it can be screened from the following 6 points.

1, the insulation effect is good


Now that the insulation cup declared by the market is very easy to touch, an energy guarantees “8 hours 54 ° C”, a cup that can guarantee “6 hours 63 ° C”, the insulation effect is difficult to compare.

2, good sealing

Water leaks is probably a lot of cycloid glass, if it is a straw cup, there is no sealed suction port, it is easy to become one of the “Yuan fierce” of water leakage.

3, strong resistance

“Bear Child” often fell on the floor, and poor anti-fallingness will affect the insulation effect and sealing.

4, easy to clean

The structure of the insulation straw cup is more complicated than the general cup, and the design reasonable thermal insulation cup will be more convenient to clean, and it is not easy to breast.

5, not easy to rust

Insulation cups should be 304 steel, some or even plated to coat, prevent the cup wall from rusting.

6, make materials safe and non-toxic

Heavy metals, plasticizers, bisphenol A, volatile organic matter … These possible toxic substances, can’t see the naked eye, can only be measured by the evaluation agency.

Child Insulation Cup Use Suggestions

Ji Wei said that many times the child uses a thermos cup to use the school, under the photo of the parents, the case where the burns occurs is not a small number. Therefore, some children use the insulation cup to need parents to master with their children.

1, choose a straight drink method

Because the thermos cup straw / mouth may have a safety hazard, it is recommended to try to give the child to choose a straight drink. It is best not to use the cells that may have safety hazards with the like.

2, it is best to load hot water

Hot milk, hot porridge, a kind of heat-saving cup, is easy to corrupt, juice, carbonated soda, is easy to corrode the inner wall.

3, often clean

Most of the thermal insulation cups are more complicated. If you are not cleaned frequently, it is easy to breed mold. Mom and Dad must pay attention to cleaning the dead corner of difficult to wash. It is best to use white vinegar to soak disinfection.

4, don’t put it into too hot hot water

Hot water is easy to rush from the straw, and the experimenter is burnt multiple times when doing experiments, and children are more susconsive in use. Ji Wei suggests that parents can induce hot water in 40-50 ° C, usually maintain a certain temperature one day, and also reduces the risk of burns.

10 children’s insulation cup evaluation

An assessment agency has a horizontal contrast of 10 children’s thermal cups on the market. In these 10 products, there are three security hazards, and 4 stainless steel names are not true.


Insulation test: cost-effective gap

The experiments were tested at room temperature (20 ° C) and water at room temperature (5 ° C), and water at 95 ° C and 54 ° C, respectively, changed at a temperature of 6 hours of tightening the cap for 6 hours.

In thermal insulation test, the most expensive tiger warmers warm cup temperature loss is the least, and the insulation effect is outstanding. In contrast, the American brand Contigo Insulation Cup has been ranked by the two experiments, and the price is relatively low.


Pipette material test: lack of relevant standards

In order to further verify the health indicators of the children’s insulation cup, the experimenter chose the ranking cup of bears, tiger, lock & lock, and 4 insulation cups, and sequentially do silicone straw / nozzle volatile compound test and stainless steel grade identification .

Experiments sent several straw / nozzle thermal cup components to the laboratory test yield their volatile compound content. Due to the national insulation cup standard, there is no such segmentation standard, the experimental personnel refer to the national standards of the pacifier. Among the 4 samples, only the volatile compounds of the like, the volatile compound of the silicone straw, the tiger and cup bear have a small part of the small part (recommended for the old baby), and the Lock & Lock is more than twice, there is a certain safety hazard .

Stainless steel grade identification

Cup bear, tiger, lock & lock and like 4 cups, the cup bears claimed to adopt better 316 steel, and the remaining 3 claimed 304 steel. From a look, the mirror of the cup bears is stronger.

In the stainless steel grade identification, the laboratory has repeatedly parallel testing and review, and there is a nickel, and the chromium content is lower than the “GB / T20878-2007 stainless steel and heat-resistant steel grade” standard. The problem is required.

It is understood that nickel and chromium are key elements that guarantee steel non-rust. Chromium, the higher the content, the stronger the corrosion resistance. The chromium content in these 4 insured cup stainless steel is about 2% lower than the requirements of the national standard, and nickel is also about 1%.

These four products are suspected that they are not conform to the 304 steel / 316 steel, and the ability to prevent rust may not be as good as merchants.

Part Heat Resistance & Sealing Test: 6 Leakage

Part Heating Test Method:

The sealing ring and the straw were placed in hot water at 100 ° C, and the appearance was not deformable after 6 hours. The heat resistance of the part will affect the sealing of the thermos cup.

Test summary:

In the 10 thermos cup, there was a deformation in the sealing circle of the rich children’s insulation cup.

Sealing test method:

The hot water is loaded with a half cup of 90 ° C, after sealed, the frequency of 1 / s, the magnitude of 500 mm, and then waves up and down 10 times.

After persistent shaking, the tiger, like printed, Hals and Fuguang 4 brands have been tested, reflecting good sealing.

Babycare, Contigo, Lock & Lock, the thermos, the phenomenon, the cup and Jiaqi also have a small amount of water.

Cleaning difficultness & odor test: Most of them have odors

Test Methods:

The contrasting cup cover structure is easy to clean.

After cleaning the product with warm water, it is filled with hot water over 90 ° C, and the tightening the cover is placed for 30 seconds, and there is no abnormal taste.

1) Most of the cup of cups is more complicated, tigers, cups bear, Jiaqi and rich glazing cups can be disassembled, easier to clean, and Babycare and Hars’s cup cover are the simplest and most convenient to clean.

2) After cleaning, most of the thermal insulation cups will still have some metal odor, and some even from the cup cover or the straw can smell a plastic flavor. Among them, there is a more obvious odor, there is a good kick, there is almost no odor, Hals, Diens and Contigo.

Anti-fall test: all qualified

Filled in warm water and sealed, vertically hung in 400 mm high, falling into the tile floor. Observe no deformation and leakage.

All the cups did not deform, nor did it leak, and even a little paint didn’t, in the anti-fall test, the thermal cup was all tested.

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Test summary:

Test summary:

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