10 explosive infant toys are well received by American mothers

Toy is a popular category sold on the e-commerce platform. Many sellers want to share a piece. Today, the small editors are deeply welcomed by the American mother. They are more sold in Meiya, and there are several long-term expensive Best Seller’s position.



Einstein music toys

This toy is Best Seller on Meiya, with a number of reviews, and the star is 4.7 stars, captured a lot of American mom. Buyers stayed: This is my most satisfying toy, my son bought it for 5 months old, it can play 7 classic songs from Mozart, Chopin, Vavar and Rosini, let the child are inspired by music .



Marine ball

The child’s favorite ocean ball in the playground, because the health problem is disappeared by mothers, such toys can provide a marine ball park for the baby at home. This type of product is very popular in Meiya, many products evaluated star rating around 4.5 stars, buyers stayed: There are many colors, and they like them at home.


Multi-functional ball

The ball is always a child, this ball is more special, and a lot of small balls are drumped in the sphere, using different materials, you can stimulate your baby’s touch. Baby can treat it as a pillow, cushion, or just throw it.




This kind of baby’s toy is not much more, and children can pile into a variety of small houses, small animals, open their baby intelligence, parents can also participate. Amazon’s overall evaluation star is very high and the number of comments is much.



Jumping partner activity toys

The baby can ride on the puppy and seize the handle to keep balance, and the toy is still equipped with a rocking, and the sound will sound. The evaluation of the product is around 4.7 stars, and the buyer stays: bigger than expected, the color is beautiful, the child likes.


Piano blanket


Suitable for the baby who is more small, the baby is lying on the mat to touch the piano key with the piano, which can exercise the baby’s hearing, and exercise the baby’s leg muscles. Meiya on the product evaluation star 4.7 stars, the number of comments reached several thousands.



Glowing activity cube


Glowing cubes, there are five different faces, and each face is different, you can encourage your baby to explore.



Top 100 words


This is a cardboard book, with 100 colored pages to help children learn.




Cute tooth gel, children can bite play in their mouths and practice chewing.

10, stacking cup

The product is very popular among Meiya, the evaluation is very high, the children like to put them together, or turn them over to Tibet. Many fun in playing is endless.

Infant toys are very wide in the US market, and there is a conditional cross-border seller worth considering.

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