“Newsletter” AMD confirms that there will be two chips in the cDNA 2 architecture GPU; exposure Xiaomi Tablet 5 officially entered the net …

AMD confirms that CDNA 2 architecture GPU will have two chips

At the 49th Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference held in Jimorgan Tatong, Dr. Su Sifeifei, CEO, AMD, briefly mentioned the CDNA 2 architecture and its products, indicating that it would be launched during the year. According to previous rumors, the cDNA 2 architecture GPU’s code is Aldebaran. The product equipped with the GPU is probably a long-awaited Instinct MI200 computing card, specifically designed to compute intensive and HPC workloads.

In the nearest Linux kernel update, AMD engineers confirmed that the upcoming cDNA 2 architecture GPU will have two chips.

In fact, there is a message that the cDNA 2 architecture GPU will adopt MCM (Multi-chip-module package technology and the next generation of Infinity Fabric bus technology.

According to VideoCardz, the GPU of the code-numbered Aldebaran has two computing chips, referred to as DIE 0 and DIE 1 in Linux updates, and the AMD engineering department indicates that only the main chip will handle the power supply, and will not be set by the sub-chip. This also finally confirmed that there were two chips. This means that the main chip adjusts the power and related limits of the entire calculation section, temporarily unclear whether the memory is also regulated by this chip, or add a new I / O module to adjust.

How to use MCM packaging technology in the GPU of the code Aldebaran is still unclear, but there is a lot of differences in the past. The two-chip configuration requires an interconnect chip, which will also increase the size of the package, and the AMD may do different attempts before computing to more compute chips. In fact, AMD never publicly confirmed that the cDNA 2 architecture GPU will use MCM package technology, but will introduce and call through many side to indicate its technical characteristics.

「简讯」AMD确认CDNA 2架构GPU会有两个芯片;曝小米平板5正式入网…

The AMD Instinct MI200 computing card is expected to be launched in the fourth quarter of this year and may be manufactured by 5nm process.

Exposure millet tablet 5 officially entered the net: support 5G

Many senior high-teshes of Xiaomi have been clearly expressing, and the millet tablet lines that have been put on hold will be returned this year, but there has been no official information from this year.

Not long ago, there were netizens to Xiaomong Xiaomi, Director of the Xiaomi Company. Wang Teng Xiaomi Tablet new product release time, said that the device will be released after the college entrance examination. With the end of the national multi-earth college entrance examination, the rice plate 5 has also entered the net.

According to the latest news, the current model “M2105K81C” millet equipment has been entered, and this product is a new generation of tablets in Xiaomi.

「简讯」AMD确认CDNA 2架构GPU会有两个芯片;曝小米平板5正式入网…

According to the news, Xiaomi Tablet 5 series will launch three new machines, which will be equipped with high-pass processors, which are Snapdragon 870, Snapdragon 860 and Xiaolong 768G, corresponding to high, medium, low, and three gears, no matter Learning or entertainment, work, and millet tablet 5 can provide a matching experience.

In addition, for large screen equipment, the millet tablet 5 does not only have 2560 × 1600 resolution, but also support 120Hz high brush, 240 Hz high sampling rate, but also support 4096 touch, and in-cell active pen technology, Can be compared with the iPad Pro.

There is also a breakdown that Xiaomi Tablet 5 will use no open full-screen design, place the front filler in the screen border, there is no open hole in front of the front, and the visual effect is extremely excellent, it is worth looking forward to.

One plus NORD 2 may be released next month

Recently, overseas well-known brokerage blog ONLEAKS exposed the core parameters of Nord 2 new machines, and said that the machine will be officially released in July.

Broken news display, one plus NORD 2 will use a 6.43-inch FHD + AMOLED screen, the front-in-camera is designed with the upper left corner, the screen supports 90 Hz refresh rate, and is equipped with a screen fingerprint sensor.

In terms of core, one plus NORD 2 will be equipped with the most powerful chip day 1200 in the United Kingdom camp, which is also basically consistent with the information of the country’s explosive bloggers.

It is reported that Tianzhu 1200 uses 6NM process technology, 1 + 3 + 4 flagship triple architecture design, compared with 22% of the previous generation of CPU performance, energy efficiency increased by 25%, GPU performance increased by 13%, AI performance increased by 12.5%.

At the same time, the NORD 2 will also provide 8GB + 128GB and 12GB + 256GB of two storage options.

In addition, one plus NORD 2 is also equipped with a top-level flagship post-printing module. The news said that it will adopt three-way programs, the specifications are 50 million pixels, respectively, +8 million super wide angle +2 million mood cameras. Among them, the main photography will use Sony IMX766 sensors, 50 million pixels, with 1 / 1.56 inch soil, real shot performance is expected.

Apple self-burst M1X MacBook Pro

Apple’s WWDC21 is since WWDC 2016, there is no WWDC released by any hardware, especially before they will bring new MacBook PRO, so no matter how to over-interpret iOS 15, iPados so-called “strategy” Only software is released, it is far less than new hardware to make everyone feel excited, but Apple does not seem to have new hardware, but they choose not release.

Foreign netizens were uploaded from Apple to Youtube’s WWDC21 conference video, found the label with M1X MacBook Pro and M1x, which does not know the negligence of Apple staff, or to do SEO, but from us to eat melonia’s perspective Look, this seems to be officially confirmed that the new MacBook Pro exists in the M1x chip.

Earlier this year, foreign media reported Apple’s self-research chip prepared for this performance, which will be used in this year’s new MacBook Pro and IMAC Pro, the new chip is expected to have up to 10 core CPUs. 8 high performance core +2 efficiency core combination, and existing M1 is only 4 + 4 core combination, and the GPU has increased to 32 cores, up to 64GB of memory, so there is a higher graphics Rendering and large data exchange capabilities to cope with high load creative work.

Apple did not choose to announce the new Mac computers on this WWDC 21, which is likely to be influenced by the shortcomings of this year’s chip, resulting in the overall extension of the new Mac computer, which is said that this MacBook Pro will be a new mold replacement, except for new chips, It will also be added to the full-size HDMI, SD card slots these practical interfaces.

RealMe cost-effective new machine appearance

Some time, there is news that Realme will release a flagship mobile phone equipped with the Snapdragon 870 in the near future, and will bring full cost performance, which may be lower than the price of Snapdragon 870 mobile phone on the market.

「简讯」AMD确认CDNA 2架构GPU会有两个芯片;曝小米平板5正式入网…

This morning, a well-known explosive popier brings a suspected information about this mobile phone.

「简讯」AMD确认CDNA 2架构GPU会有两个芯片;曝小米平板5正式入网…

Image shows that Realme’s appearance of this mysterious new machine has changed significantly with previous design, and finally changed the “family-style design” along with a variety of models, and the overall design of OPPO Reno 5 is similar. The machine has a 6.55-inch two-curved screen, which is also the second curved screen of the Realme brand, supports 90Hz refresh rate, while the top photo uses a single hole program.

「简讯」AMD确认CDNA 2架构GPU会有两个芯片;曝小米平板5正式入网…

As for the back design, the machine generally inherits the idea of ​​Reno 5, and the matrix type module contains three three-three cameras in vertical arrangement. Realme’s logo is still placed late at the bottom, which is also Realme Multi-generation product continues. Family scheme.

In addition to the Snapdragon 870 chip, the machine has built a 4500mAh battery, supporting 65W super fast charge, which is currently less allocated in the Snapdragon 870 camp, which can bring sufficient battery safety.

In addition, this new machine is also expected to provide a storage configuration of the blood-filled LPDDR5 + UFS 3.1 that provides excellent performance.

The third quarter of the survival contract will continue to rise

「简讯」AMD确认CDNA 2架构GPU会有两个芯片;曝小米平板5正式入网…

NVIDIA and AMD have released a series of new graphics cards in recent hours, and a new generation of game hosts are also equipped with large capacity memory when memory is used, and the deposit supply begins to be tight. According to the market research of Trendforce, the recent contract price will continue to rise, and some small and medium customer orders are only about 30%, and the state of supply is expected to continue until the third quarter, and will allow the survival contract to rise 8%. 13%.

「简讯」AMD确认CDNA 2架构GPU会有两个芯片;曝小米平板5正式入网…

In fact, the contract price of this year has been rising. The increase in the first quarter is about 5 to 10%, while the second quarter is expected to reach 20 to 25%, and the third quarter forecast will also rise 8 to 13%. There are four main points for the price increase. The first is that the market demand in the PC is quite strong, and the electrical cell related products are particularly obvious; the second is that NVIDIA uses GPU bundled storage and sales strategy, which can get a large amount of original source of goods, leading to other customers. It is difficult to buy; the third is that the memory of Xbox Series X and PS5 host is 16GB of GDDR6, and the 8GB of the graphics card is 8GB, the two cannot be interactive; the fourth server DRAM demand will warm, the priority of production of the production So high, resulting in production capacity.

In the spot market, GDDR6 has fallen from the last month, but it is still doubled than the contract price, and GDDR5 is different from the contract price. The reason for the price reduction is pre-previously affected by the spot price and contract price. The main reason is that the virtual currency is now weak, and the mine has a decrease in the demand for graphics cards. Such more new graphics cards will flow to the consumer market, and the needs of old graphics cards that use GDDR5 will be less, which makes the price of GDDR5 to fall sharply. At present, both game hosts and mainstream graphics cards use GDDR6 to flow, it is still very large, and there is no GDDR5 that is not GDDR5.