7OR9 GMV is nearly 100 million yuan, with “air cotton high heels” to women “courage to run”

“Focus on women’s own and feet feelings, high heels can also be as comfortable as sneakers.”

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Chen Qi

In the Dragon Boat Festival, Jiaqi wore 7 cm high heels to participate in friends gathering, and then walked out of the door of the restaurant, hurriedly replaced with sneakers in advance, rushing to the high-speed rail back to work. The completion of the completion of the completion of the commuter, the high heels are urgently knocked on the ground, and the pain that is difficult to ignore on the foot is suffering from the heart.

Average running speed of 300km / h in the average operation, making a short period of distance movement no longer difficult; diversified convenient balance cars, let people throw garbage under the building, do not need to walk, everyone travels experience already enhanced .

But even today’s development is rapid, it is still unable to provide women with a pair of comfortable high heels, and women’s feet still have not realized real “relief”.

During the 618, 7OR9 increased by 778% year-on-year in June 1, 14 hours of sales over 2020, 618. As of June 9, the sales amount of spot activity increased by 801.94% year-on-year, and the number of visitors increased by 633.63%.

7OR9 mount 618 Tmall men and women shoes new brand TOP1.


The 7or9 brand Joint founder Wang Huan said in an interview with red bouting agency.

She believes that high heels have long got rid of the label of “male aesthetic products”, becoming a lifestyle of women “showing themselves”.


For professional women, a pair of comfortable high heels can bring strength from both physics and psychological dimensions, greatly enhance personal confidence, thus improving work efficiency. At the same time, more and more women change from “Yue him” to “Yue He” in consumption, and 7OR9 hopes to provide them with a pair of comfortable high heels when women want to wear high-heeled shoes.

“I think the courage is a very precious thing in the girl. When the scene of life, family, work, etc., women need to brave their own choices.” Wang Huan said, “


7OR9 an inclusive and caring for women, paying attention to the brand of women’s choice. I hope that when women live and work hard for personal life and work, they can have a high heel shoes that don’t drag the legs, give her the courage and ability to run.

High-heeled shoes 7OR9 officially operated in December 2018, aiming at 25-35 years old city professional women,

Focus on polishing, deposits classic shoe type, creatively integrated the comfort of sports shoes into high-heeled shoes to enhance its comfort; and design, more than 100 detachable shoe decoration, give a pair of high-heeled shoes with universal creative fun.

Red Ban Society learned that 7OR9 has completed tens of millions of PRE-A rounds and A round financing in recent days. PRE-A round financing is owned by capital, and A round financing is accomplished by Feng Shang Capital, and the capital has continued to follow. This round of financing will be used in product research and development, team expansion and brand promotion.

From “comfortable” to cut high heels market

It seems that people have been passively developed a cognitive – new shoes must be worn, high heels are destined to uncomfortable, always need to make the feet habitually take the shoes, with the bloody tears of the feet and the blood of the wear.

Unlike traditional high-heeled shoes, 7OR9 has entered the market from the beginning with the mission of “comfortable high heel” research and development.

Inspired by sneakers, 7OR9 launches “air cotton” high heels in the registered patent, embedding high-elastic air cotton in sports shoes into the high heels. Air cotton buffered the pressure and friction caused by high heels to the foot during walking, making the user feeling “put on the cloud in the cloud”.


7OR9 pays attention to the feelings of the girl’s own and feet, “the concept of” high-heeled shoes with sports shoes “is directly hit the pain points of high heels.

Less than two years, get the Tmall platform’s only shoe boots industry new brand honor. 2020 GMV is nearly 100 million yuan.

Sports shoe materials are combined with high heels and have not imagined simple.

Wang Huan said,

Wearing high-heeled shoes is a very complex human mechanics dynamic process. When choosing materials, you need to fully consider high-elastic, shock absorbing, and slow bullets in different parts of the shoe, and meet the appearance of high heels while ensuring comfort.

The last shoe is the soul of high heels, and a footwear is to type dozens of times. Each time it may be only one millimeter, half millimeter adjustment, although the difference in the thinking of traditional shoe factories and migramics causes disorders, but Still insisting on doing feet in Asian feet.

In the early days of R & D,

7OR9 collected, reviewed the relevant information and data about human engineering, 15 months before and after, and the revision of more than 100 times will grind the first high heels.

Since its establishment, the brand has always adhered to the product iteration upgrade with “comfort” as the core indicator. At present, 7OR9 high heels have iterated to version 4.0.

The 7or9 high-heeled shoes uses customized air cotton for female foot feelings, and the split materials achieve different parts of the thickness. More resilial space in the air cotton shoes, all-round wrapped in all kinds, reduce the friction of the foot. Honeycomb air holes are more air than other fibers, and the feet remains heat and moisture, natural breathable, and comfortable.

To enhance the user experience, 7OR9 has also made a lot of details. Italian red plate is light luxury, the real sheepskin inside the inner foot feels more profound, the microneedle in the end is soft and breathable, the rubber sole Q bomb is slippery, the exercise movement makes the foot feel more soft.

Use rich “accessories” to meet more shoes

7OR9 is located from the beginning of the establishment of a comfortable high heel, Wang Huan said: “We also started with many traditional women’s shoes brand, but found that they need to develop a lot of styles due to market demand, and there is more footage and short shelves. It is often replaced in a quarter, there is no way to put concentrations in comfort. This is different from what we expect. “


Therefore, 7OR9 chooses to focus on classic high heels, do not pursue excessive style, but to make every classic to extreme comfort.


The girl is always “flowers”, there will be only one clothes in the wardrobe, and the same high heels will not only buy a pair. The classic high heels of 7OR9 completed the comfort of comfort, so how can they capture the family’s heart, increase repurchase?


“The aesthetics of everyone is very different, and the style element is difficult to express in the classic paragraph, so we choose a game character to play different skin games, design detachable accessories, handle the option to the user.”

Wang Huan told red bowl of reporters,


The 7or9 design has developed more than 100 sets of junction, tributical, tail clip accessories, can be used in the hoe, the soles and the shoe, respectively, to meet the endless needs of women.

From the consumption of high heels, in order to adapt to different occasions, each woman should buy multi-double high heel shoes, 7OR9 can be realized by matching different accessories, a pair of shoes with multiple scenes. If you marry, you can buy a pair of wedding shoes for the wedding, there are hundreds of thousands, 10,000 yuan, the accessories of the 7or9 wedding shoes, you can choose a pair of pointed classic high heels, usually wear everyday When the wedding needs, add the accessories to use it.


In addition to removable accessories, 7OR9 has developed deeply in the material and color of classic high heels, and different material design and color use contain infinite thinking. A series of products of anti-sheepskin, silk, patent leather, etc. have their own unique textures, oullaine milk, silk, Mogito and other colors to show colorful personality, whether it is low-key, free and easy, or modern avant-garde, retro Romance, all kinds of styles can find corresponding shoe.

At present, 7OR9 high heels have 50 + SKU, accessories have accumulated more than 100, which means that there are more than 50 wear in a pair of shoes. Therefore, the actual SKU super 2500 of 7OR9 meets the endless demand for users.

Multi-marketing with value output

According to the 7or9 team, the brand founder Deng Juan once started in the mobile phone industry for many years. After the waveguide mergers and acquisitions, they used to participate in multiple games, IoT and other projects; Joint founder Wang Huan is an e-commerce cake brand ” “Founder, and worked in Microsoft for four years.

Feng Shang Capital, very optimistic about the business logic of the 7or9 team, as well as the ability to operate brand in the whole network. In just 2 years, only more than 1 billion temporary volume is formed in the shake platform. In the small red book platform, it has accumulated more than 20,000 grass notes, more than the Tmall, 2020 treasure new brand. .

At present, in the small red book platform, the 7or9 maintains a topic of the topic, on the other hand, the power of the self-cultivation of the person is accomplished by the spontaneous experience, and the most authentic product experience feedback will be collected.

According to statistics, 7OR9 is nearly 40 million brand exposure in Xiaohong Book. It is the first single-day sales of a small-scale sale of Millions of shoes in the “Super Brand Day” in 2020.

In the process of brand communication, 7OR9 conveys the value concept of “respecting women’s choices” through cross-border activities. Full-time mother Snow from the Film Academy takes the first movie work; the wheat of the ballet, the 20-year-old age went to France to study the drama, and became an actor and director after returning to China.

7OR9 Snow and Wheat Story, Caring for Many Women – Caring for yourself, not afraid, courage to depart, and 7or9 high heels are accompanying women’s independence, growth soul partners and courage.

In May 202, 7OR9 opened “high-heeled shoes to treat space” POP-UP in Beijing Wangfu Central Ring, in the miniature high heel museum, listening to the emotional story behind high heels; experience 7OR9 air cotton made in the cure interactive area Sofa, strengthen “high heels”, “giving you the courage to run”, “Let your feet live in a five-star hotel”, etc. emphasizes the concept of comfort.


Wang Huan told the red bowl, and 7OR9 has mainly used online channels to operate, and there is a lack of offline scene. In the future, it will speed up the promotion of the online fast flash shop, and the short board is replaced.