Warm Popka’s past life

Since the birth of the streets in New York since the beginning of the 1980s, although the influence is far-reaching, it is always in an isolated circle. Now, through various video websites, hard music has also become easier to be discovered by a variety of different tastes, and a single performance is also a great enthusiasm for fans.

However, the hard core of more and more elements is combined, as well as the spiritual kernel of the rebellion? What will future development?


What is the spiritual temperament from the rebel?

Orange alert


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In the summer of 2019, the Boston hard band HAVE Heart, who has received his favorite in the early 21st century, broke the silence of nearly ten years, and held a series of return tour, one of which attracted 8,500 people to a parking lot to watch in Massachusetts.

It can be said that this is the biggest performance in history, and its live video, and the sold out of the subsequent scene showed a very enthusiasm of the fans.

Have Heart

For old fans and new hard meals, this is one of the signs of harden nuclear sects in considerable rising trends.


Since hardcore music is born in the streets of New York in the early 1980s, this rough branch of punch has been developing.


In the past few years, hard core music gradually won the recognition of the perfect but isolated circle.

In 2018, Pittsburgh’s hard metal band orange alert (Code Orange) was nominated by Grammy Best Metal Performance Award. This is a hardcore fans (before the nomination of Hatebreed in 2005 is the hardcore recently I was included in this bureau a time.

Another contemporary popular hardcore band rotary door (TURNSTILE) participated this year, high-priced high-priced music festival, and cooperated with EDM Ontarter Diplo to launch their 2018 album “Time and Space (Time & Space).

In September last year, I have been insisting on doing hardcore’s second album of Knocked Loose, ranked 26th in the Billboard 200 rankings, which is a rare grade for hard-core bands.

At least in aesthetics, the hard core is penetrating into the mainstream. Speaking of playboi CARTI, PLAYBOI CARTI, in 2018, the description of the MOSH PIT of the hardcore PIT.

This summer, Florida said that the singer Denzel Curry has cooperated with the hard nuclei legend band and Fucked UP cooperates several songs.


PlayBoi Carti _ “DIE LIT”

At present, for the big names such as Travis Scott and Lil Uz Fort (Lil Uz Fort), the success of the live performance depends on the intensity of the audience Moshing. This is the standard for the performance of the hardcore band in the basement and small club in decades.

Justice Tripp said: “When we talk about the hard core, an interesting question is: Is it talking about what system?”

He is the main singer in the 21st century and a very popular hardcore band (sleepy in the ice band Trapped under Ice, Angel Dust “Angel Du $ T).

Justin Cui

“For many people, success means that the show is sold out, and the source is constantly earning money. In the hard core system, success is basically in:

Do you have a dry hand on the stage? Is the fans reaction strong? Sleepy in the ice band Sidebar in Baltimore began to perform career, it is a small room that can only accommodate 90 people. “

Justin Cui Pug attacked, “But no matter how much it is, as long as you can dry it, we have a confidence to sell the Wem Melody Square Garden.”


Cui Pu (sleepy in the ice band)

For most popular music, a team of cooperation and historic achievements are worthy of celebration. And for hard music, this is much more complicated.

In general, hard music is like a multi-heavy music, with its own rules, and is full of pride.


If further, it is actually a mature archipelago; there is a series of styles and features – some more, faster, or more attractive – they all claim to be hard core, but not always It is possible to agree on the true meaning of the hard core.


The formation of this class is directly replaced with punk music in the late 1970s, when young people want a more aggressive music style.

Punk Rock is defined by the Ramones band and the collision band, and the early 1980s, the hardcore, such as Black Flag and Brains, called the chaos and violence Mosh is a logo.

At the end of the 1980s, the hard core began with metal mix (this also developed many identities at the same time). From the beginning of the 1990s, the mixing of these two genres is growing, sometimes even dominant, is appropriate. Metal core is known.

However, due to the root of the hard core and its spirit (anti-dictatorship, social progress, DIY, etc.), this genre always distinguishes with the metal area, while maintaining distance from most branches of punk.

Although the hard core and metal have a reactionary feature, it also has the opportunity to win business success, but by deliberately avoiding these two rocky subtots completely assimilated, the hard core once again ensures self-cultivation and pop music and rock era Isolate open.

“The hard core will stay in its current location, because its essence is alienation, deviates from the era of era,” Patrick Kindlon said he started playing a hardcore band from the beginning of the 21st century (current in Self Defense Family And drug church.

Patrick Jindun


In addition, he hosted a comprehensive hard-core podcast called Axe to Grind, which made him a historian of a hardcore.

“Now I haven’t arrived at the point where you can’t play such a program, but I have not reached a wide range of breakthroughs like other music genre.”

Therefore, for an essentially closure and personalism’s genre, what does it mean from his own circle?

Whether it is the nomination of Grammy, or the performance of Cochela, even some unusual big names (in the past few years, rotary door, Angel Du $ T) and Orange Alert (Code Orange) Signed with the Metal Lactic Roadrunner Records of Warner Music Group).

More importantly, why is this genre influence?

Rotating door band

Cui Pu, and shooting more than 3,000 sets of Sunny Singer on the hard-core scene, it is the greatest reason for hard core music that is easy to exposure.


“Many people discover hard music through different ways, whether it is Youtube or Spotify,” Singh said.

“Now it finds that it makes it easy, and I think there is now a variety of bands that have hard core elements, or similar to hard core, they play a leader’s role, bring more people into the circle. “

Sunny Singh


“Hardcore-Adjacent” may be one of the most clear features of the current form of the genre. In the past decade, many of the most popular hardships are bands that integrate other styles to their music.

This effect is largely from metal, and the statistics of YouTube Hate5SIX clearly show this.


Most of the most popular performances from various types of metal hardcons, such as Code Orange, Jesus Piece, NAIL (Vein, American Metal Corporation), Nails and Power Brigade (Power Trip, US Whip Metal Band).

The hardness attributes of these bands often discuss in the comment area, but they did not even get a place for decades ago.

Pine band


Vascular (VEIN) is particularly unique in today’s era, because it does not cover up the new metal affected.

This kind of subcaterai that will sing, hip hop rhythm and metal musical instrument, dominated rock radio at the end of the 1990s, but its popularity is also ridiculed by hardcore fans.

The influence of the extraction from the band and Coen is now fully acceptable for a band that is built by a young man in a 20-year-old young person.

“For now children, such as a 23-year-old young man, Cohen is like a rolling stone band,” Jinderen said.

“Because ‘Cohen’ is the inevitable part of your growth. That is something played in the radio station. So I see the current children add obvious Cohen’s things in the band because they think this is very interesting.”


In the past decade, other non-mainstream music genuses also appeared quietly.


Industrial metals have a great impact on the orange alert and Harms Way; you can hear disco and pop music in the armed and confusing sweet melody.

Cui Pug said that angel dust (Angel Du $ T) The latest album is the rich source of the Feelies band, this album is the original sound guitar everywhere.

There is also a new show, such as Krimewatch and Show Me the Body, both punk elements, also have hip hop’s ingredients.

KrIMewatch band


“Now the children are not afraid of the influence of the outside world.” Jindallen said, “When the rotary door is launched” Nonstop Feeling “, everyone says” 311 parts this. ‘”

“But they did not fight, but continued to play music. The result is that later people began to say ‘I think this is cool.’ The shock is this is really cool!”

Cui Pur said: “I think young people are doing this. They don’t care what tags you give. They don’t try to set too much barriers and restrictions on their genre.”

Connie Sgarbossa is the young man who thinks of genre. She is 24 years old and is the main singer of the emerging metal nuclear band See you space cowboy.


Conni Scaroba

The band’s predecessor is the Screamo genre (hard sister genre, combining the style of the 90s emotional nucleus and painful screaming), but the band is now a hard core.

They have just ended with knock to your guns, stick to your guns, rotting out, and Candy, in the United States, the four-style band belongs to the hardcore band supported by the generation of Skaba.

“I think Poison the Well and Harms Way are in the same genre.” She said when talking about the hard band and metal nucleus, “I think it is in the past, the hard core is the hard core, that is, this. no.

But now we have a band like a knocked loose, which is definitely a metal nuclear band. But they also belong to the hardcore. Sanction is playing the rhythm of the dead core, but they are really sick, integrating all kinds of genres into their own music, and the result creates this great integration. “

Like See You Space Cowboy, they sound more like the band you see on the Warped Tour, instead of the band appearing on the hard-core list, they are making a variety of people Open the gate to the hard core.

The nearest example is Florida’s emotional nuclear independent band pool kids.

Pool Kids Band

After 2018, after the popular EMO-POP album, the four groups from Tallahaassee, Florida, opened a stupid and sincere April Fool’s Day joke earlier. The name of Pool released albums, representing a bidding of an orange alert (Code Orange).

Code Orange It used to be called Code Orange Kids. After 2014, the name in the name was throwing the name, which is a hard-core counterattack.

Pool Kids _ “pool”

“Although we are a bit like kidding, we are all hard-core and punk powder, this is an interesting opportunity to expand their own fields, do something completely different from us.”

22-year-old Nicolette Alvarez said that she is a member of Pool Kids, with suffocating charming voice.

As a band outside the hard core, the musicians of Pool Kids are also shocked by people’s enthusiasm for this mixed genre. “Even the most common people on the Internet also expressed super support,” guitarist and christine goodwyne said.


Orange alert


Pine band


“I have taken this kind of contrary to expectation, just like people say that we are joking with their genre, or laughing at the old man. But I have never seen such a comment.”

Guitarist and main singing Christine Goodwin


This type of sound and social inclusive, in turn open the channels that contact hard music for people of different identity and background.

Throughout the summer, in the hard-working, the existence of long-standing, but completely reasonable arguments, many people put the vast majority of white men in this genre as a criticism.

Despite the hard-core violent live performance and most male fans’s support make it look unpopular on the surface, some edge members believe that it is more inclusive and diverse than it.

Skigaba is anarchist-free cross-sex woman who believes that “hard core” is “one of the most inclusive genres you can now”.

Hard core

“The music genre like metal is not as good as hard music, it is not as good as hard music.” She said, “because this is not their slogan. This is why hard core is very important, because our spirit is tolerant, progress.”

“I understand this anxiety,” she continued. “I understand the fear of minorities. But there is nothing to stop you. The extremely fear of spangers does not exist in hardcore, at least from my experience.”


However, there is indication that people who have the right-wing conservative perspective that hopes to go backwards are also touching the hard core, because the hard core has become easier to close for those who have not been familiar with the connotation.

As a person who spends a lot of time to browse youtube comments, Singh has a unique advantage, you can first see the new sounds.



“One thing I noticed is that more and more people find hard cores by recommending video, or they seize a hard-winged performance, and then discover this genre, leading to those who have no advanced political concepts. People also came in, “Singer said.

“So I saw more and more right view penetration, some people in the comment area have a disagreement against me for various reasons. They don’t know the hard-core anti-society, and try to create an alternative History of space. “

But this unharitable also creates a dialogue for the hard-working hardcuffs and these ignorant newcomers.

“I have seen more and more people in the argument, ‘Why this band talks about black life on the spot? They should shut up, play their music,'” Singh said, “then appear, such as, for example, ‘Well, no, hard core from punk, and punch all the meaning is to talk about social problems.’ “

In fact, hard cores are concerned with social and political use of an incredible liberation and satisfaction, let the bands like Pool Kids to explore their themes that they can’t feel in the emotional.

“When we start to do albums with pool name, we feel free to talk about environmental issues,” Alvarez said, “Many times, I saw other independence / emotional nuclear artists published themselves around some things. Views, and try to take political routes with brand promotion, marketing, rich content, etc. “

“I think this attitude and the nature of the music itself make hard-core artists to talk about problems, regardless of whether they are performing.”

Everyone who has contributed to this article believes that hardcore’s new style, new ideas and new identity open attitudes are usually a good thing.

However, in the cultural and understanding of this level, Jindalun worried that the new style is more like absorbing too many external influence, but standing on the foundation of rocking. “

“If the hard core has its own identity, it is more shy than its influence.” He said, “This is very different from me, I saw cultural roots.”

“People will attack the hard core, mainly for the form of the new metal of the field but also to the music itself, and praise the three streams of new metals. People think that the genre of you is very stupid, but the impact outside this is not stupid, this It is very different from the world that I used to us. And I think this helps to shape the current pattern. “

However, some people may say that hard cores have never been defined as a specific sound. In the early 1980s, the “Agnostic Front” guitarist “Agnostic Front” now has become a new player’s basis for their performance in Pits, and their loyalty to the scene, not according to their music. ability.

Agnostic Front

Since then, “live citizens” and a person’s input of hard groups should have the same value even if they do not exceed their practical ability in music.

Today, most hard fans will not manage local lives like organized a gang. But in modern expressions, hard core is still difficult to understand.

“The spirit of hard music is that we are all made to create music for emotional ventures.” Skabha said, “We don’t do big or how successful. We do this because we have some uneasy, we Need to release it in some way. “

“This is why the genre is not important to me. As long as we play music in order to vent, or play music in order to listen to music, you can go to the show, stay away from your daily life, and experience some let you feel A little thing. “

The key reason for the impact of hard music is gradually expanding. He quickly admitted that he held a unwelcome point than his 30-year-old peers.

That is, rocking singers like Wicca Phase Springs Eternal and Ghostemane, to some extent come from hard core, should be classified into hard core. He also has the same feeling about blood vessels and Danzel Kuri.


“Looking at the history of punk, it sounds like a lot of things,” he continued, “The only thing is true. It is sincere. Some people play the instrument and some people will not;”

“They can be violence and fast; it can be slow, can be anything. There is also true hard core, metal and all other things; this is punk thought.”





No one can predict what happens in the past few years. The bands like an orange alert (Knocked Loose) and Power Trip have consolidated their status in the metal music scene (which is a very suitable style for old artists).

Like Carti and Curry say that singing singers are very tough in mainstream music, and the band like Have Heart proves that outbound reunion is also possible, we have reason to hope that this boom will bring greater things.

Jindallen regrets that I disagaded: “I want to say that everyone will have a high-gloss, this sounds positive, and we need to hear now. But I have been doing this, so I know not everyone. Have the opportunity. “

Power tour


He reviewed a few points in hard nuclear history and can be compared to the current problem.

For example, in a few years, Roadrunner signed a band and other bands in Madball, Vision of Disorder, and Earth CRISIS, but these bands have not jumped out of the hardcore’s name.


“This is almost hard-core gene in self-destruction.” He said, “I think this is the essence of things. This is a kind of music for young people, and it is also a high-strength body movement.”

“That is to say, you can stay in the surcharge before you are 65 years old. But if you are still dry at the age of 40, it is best to maintain a good physical condition.”

Even if you can conduct a wonderful performance in front of the 8,500 screams, Jindellen does not believe that the energy of this intensity is sustainable.


Have Heart Scene

“There are many people to participate in the tour of Have Heart, but they haven’t seen the performance eight years. Because we are saying that Facebook’s old users, right, what we are talking about people are still using Facebook, they will say, ‘Oh, God, I have to retire.’ “

However, for a genre that has been incentive in the past 40 years, all these predictions and analysis are ultimately meaningless. Obviously, there are still many people in the world to find some kind of comfort in the “hard nuclei” environment that is loose but from the heart.

There will always be young people, there will always be an outsider. The pop fass will appear, always, always, then the new artists will replace it. The hard life cycle has always been like this, maybe this is the reason for blocking a genre to yield.

Scarbosa said; “The hard music is very active. It is always changing, always moving. It can’t be static.”