Police seeking relatives: 6-year-old girl is saved, claiming to call Yang Wanxin, wearing purple leopard top

Latest news: After the family members feedback, the disappearance is safe to go home, please pay attention to the good people who are in this matter! In order to protect the privacy of the parties, the name, photo, and family contact information will be removed. Previous news:

Repeated number:

Repeator gender: female

Regency age: 6

Spirit, Intelligence Status: Others

Repair characteristics: wearing a corduroy pants purple leopard top! Blue rain shoes! Doll

Help time: 2018-11-18

Location: Hubei Wuhan Jiang’an District Xinrong Bus Terminal C Exit Security Office


Contact: Guo police official

Contact number: 02783485902,

other information:

The headlines are a free public welfare project for the whole country, dedicated to helping all kinds of families look for disappears, and their principles are changing information near the disappearance of the disappearance, with huge users with headlines, greatly enhance possible witnesses help The chance of tracing people. Past success cases have confirmed that the precision of the headlines tracing the population on the short-term disappearance of the old people, mental disorders, etc. have a higher slogan success rate.

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