Big cold days, learn to eat “roasted pear”, traditional folk wisdom, warm body moistening to the winter

“The cold color, the north wind is called the hive”, and a “bitter cold” in Mengski is vividly depicting the cold winter. In this cold winter, even if everyone puts on a cotton coat, it is difficult to resist the north wind, and the people are blown, and the hands and feet are cold, always want to learn more warmth and energy. On the street alley, roast sweet potatoes, roasted corn, sugar fried chestnut hot stove will always surround a lot of people, and the girls who come and go will also hold a cup of hot tea, comfortable warmth and Sweet tastes are satisfied.

Milk tea silky taste and sweetness are really very loved, but today, many milk tea shops will use some ingredients such as fat, sweeteners, and other ingredients such as milk and sugar, and improve the taste reduction cost. Long-term drinking milk tea, easy to get fat, will not affect health, or a small amount of drinking milk tea. In fact, there is also a kind of folk food in winter, it is suitable for drinking, you can replace the milk tea, a bowl of drinking and warm and moisted, sweet and delicious, and the materials are pure natural healthy foods, share a bowl of rock sugar roasted pears, come The first bowl of boar in winter, nutritious delicious!

Roose-roasted pear

Required ingredients: 3 pears, half of the silver ear, 5 red dates, the right amount of 枸杞, the right amount of raisins, the right amount of rock sugar, hawthorn, osmanthus.

1 The silver ear after the bubble is teared into small age.


2, red dates are put into the bowl and add water and put a spoonful of flour, cleaning the dust impurities on the surface of the jujube, washed after being cleaned. After picking up the water, clean it, put it on the side.

3, wash the pear and clean it, take the small knife first to remove the pear, then rotate the core from the head of the pear, and finally give a layer of tin paper in the pear.


4, put the pear wrapped in tin paper into the oven, go up and down 200 degrees, bake 45 minutes. After the pear is crowned, some pear juice will be stored in tin paper. You can pour the pear juice into a bowl.

5, add the right amount of water in the cooking, pour the torn silver ear into the pot, open the fire to boil, then pour the pear pears and pear juice into the pot, turn a small fire to slowly stew for half an hour.

6. After stewing 1 hour, add a prepared red dates, raisins and rock sugar to cook for 10 minutes.


7, finally add 枸杞, then stew and boil for 5 minutes. When you eat, sprinkle some hawthorn and osmanthus, and it is very delicious.


– old wells –


Although some cities are also selling roasted pear, this kind of snacks suitable for winter have not “blossoms everywhere.” I want to eat, I can do myself at home, easy to learn, eat more in winter, I can give you thirst, dry dry. There may be friends worried that the pear is cold, and winter should not eat. In fact, pears can effectively inhibit the coldness of pears. The hard fibers of pear itself will be soft, easy to absorb, and provide energy for the human body. .


I am a city well to eat, and I have been playing with the world for many years. It is still the same, I am happy! I like to concentrate on eating and drinking, I will play the city, and update the recipes every day. I am paying attention to me, enjoying the food is not lost.