Glass beam burning kettle | autumn and winter, it is a “intimate cotton jacket” in tea space

Autumn and winter cold winds, the most suitable boiled hot tea, give your body back to temperature!

Looking at the warm soup, the leaves are rotated, should there be more comfort?

On the “Tang Tang, Cook Tea”, Xiaobian first can think of it is the glass tea set.


In recent years,

Glass tea is getting more and more popular



It transparently clean, material hygiene, easy to use, easy to clean, no complex payment,

Especially for office workers who are busy with us.

Contemporary society, have a total of 10,000 people, and people are also inevitable.

Through the glass, we can still see everything in the world, but it seems that it is another world, all of which are peaceful and peaceful.

This hand-made glass is burned,


Model is round, cute and delicate

It looks smart, the shape can be, the capacity is not small, close to 800ml.

Thickening heat-resistant glass material

, Solid beam, crystal clear.

The connection of the pot and the body is particularly reinforced,

Take it very convenient and safe

The air hole on the side of the pot is exactly the place, neither hindering beauty, and will not let the steam fire.


The pot is filtered with a stainless steel spring network, which can better make tea soup to teap.


Take it to boil tea, boiled water,

Use electric ceramic stoves, open flames can be heated

It is still suitable for everyday use.

In the cold days, it is the “intimate small cotton jacket” of the tea space.


Boiling water, squatting, warm your room, your body.

Tea soup changed color, is a good look,



Dareful winter adds a beautiful beauty, and also gives you a warm color!

Tip: Glass products are handmade, occasionally bubbles, corrugations, and it is normal!