The black and white canvas shoes have been eliminated. Nowadays, the people who love Guan Guanxiao’s “rainbow shoes” are very beautiful.

I believe there is a pair of people in the shoe cabinets that will always have a pair of or more than the sable shoes? Although many style canvas shoes are similar, because they can be used with T-shirts or skirts, they are very popular among small sisters who like to wear canvas shoes. However, black or white canvas shoes are now poor streets. Now they are getting less and less, you can see that pure black or white canvas shoes have been eliminated. Guan Xiaoxi recently brought the rainbow-colored canvas shoes, which not only showed youthful vitality, but also showed the beauty of the thief, which is very suitable for girls.

Guan Xiaoyu’s appearance is a pure and sweet type, and the five senses are also very delicate, especially under makeup, which is more charming. There are a few braids on her hair, very cute. Black and white canvas shoes have been eliminated, let’s take a look at the colorful canvas shoes of Guan Xiaoxiao.


In this event, Guan Xiaoxuan wearing a black t-shirt, the simple style appeared in a casual and comfortable, and the clothes were printed on the clothes, breaking the monotony of color, adding a sense of fashion. The following is filled with a fashionable atmosphere. No longer worry about pure black or white canvas shoes. Today, fashion people like Guan Xiaoyu’s “rainbow shoes”.

Why is the canvas shoe of Guanxiao called “Rainbow Shoes”? Because the soles on the foot is contrast, the colorful colors are like a rainbow, which is very unique. Compared with pure black or white canvas shoes, her pair of colored canvas shoes look very beautiful! Girls show the vitality of girls.

Other other clothing of Guan Xiaoyu are also very temperament, let us take a look. Guan Xiaoyu’s skirt, red dress made her more bright, and the skirt is a shoulder strap, showing round aroma shoulders, slightly sexy. The skirt is designed in the waist, showing her beautiful figure. The whole appearance is cute.


Let’s take a look at Guan Xiaoyu’s airport style. Guan Xiaoyu is wearing an orange T-shirt this time, the simple style is relaxed and comfortable. The following is a black skirt. This skirt is irregularly tailored, full of fashionable. Sports shoes have a colorful, and the whole wears a style of fashionable people.