Wenling International Hotel Green Business Model is selected in the style of the hotel’s management and service typical case

Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued “Star Hotel Management and Service Typical Cases”, the city’s tourist star hotel – Wenling International Hotel “Energy-saving and Reduction Green Management” case is successful, providing high quality development in the national hotel industry A Taizhou sample.

Under the premise of do not reduce the service standard, the annual average integrated energy consumption is within 6%, how did they do it? With this question, we walked into this green hotel.


Luo Youyu introduced the data, the form directly reflected the water and power value.

Small data, big energy saving

Luo You can stare at a form every day.


As the Manager of Wenling International Hotel Engineering, he wants to observe the water, electricity, and steam generator in the form, and the natural gas data of the kitchen is directly reflected in the hotel’s energy consumption.

“On the same day, the data, the last month, the budget data is compared, if the data is large, it has to check the reason, it is very intuitive.” Luo Youcai introduced, the value of the dense Ma Ma, the key to Wenling International Hotel. Key.

How to make this data, close to the standards of energy saving, these years, Wenling International Hotel spent a lot of effort.

In 2020, the boiler room within Luoyou management has come to a few new guys. “This is a steam generator using cleaning energy natural gas, and it is low nitrogen, low carbon, which is both energy efficient and environmentally friendly compared to boiler with fuel.”

Although the funds were influenced by the epidemic, Wenling International Hotel has investing more than 1200,000 yuan to transform the boiler room. “From the August last year, it has saved 5.1 million yuan in July this year.” This visible data, let Luo Youcai feel It is the charm of energy saving.


The boiler replaced the heat exchanger replaced by the hotel to transform into a condensate recovery system, and a tube achieves heat recovery. “We use the laundry room high temperature condensed water, access to the heat exchanger coil, heat the hot water, and then cool the condensed water flow into the recovery bucket, and then use the pumped water to the steam generator. Luo Youcai said.

Equipment transformation is an important part of energy saving and consumption, in fact, a green hotel’s green concept that has been different from the beginning of the design.

“In the early days of the Platinum Project, we used to invite experts from the Zhejiang Industrial Environmental Protection Design Institute to energy conservation and design for the overall design construction of the building. Hotel location and design retention and utilize ecosystems such as terrain, landforms, vegetation and water systems. Wang Qianhong, general manager of Wenling International Hotel, the central air conditioner of newly purchased, energy efficiency reached more than 85%, and the ozone loss potential is 0. Since 2017, the hotel rooms have achieved full coverage of smart toilets. “At that time, it was the first in Taizhou, not only from the source, but also improved the experience and comfort of the guests.”

Retrofored boiler room, using cleaning energy natural gas steam generators.

Participation is collected from the golden ideas, and some have been used for daily management.

Small details, large change

“The second phase of the hall is less open after 23 o’clock.”


“Room card set recycled and reused.”

“The hall puts more robots and improves service efficiency.”


In the “Golden Point” selection activity, the “Golden Point” selection activities launched in one hotel employee, more than 20 golden sites were used to the hotel’s daily operations.

Let employees participate in energy saving, and persistence, it is the most important thing in Wang Qianhong, “put our energy saving concept, to each employee’s daily work, use our practical action to guide guests.” Since the end of 2018, hotels More than 20 green training has been organized, and more than 10 greening themes have been organized.

Into the hotel lobby, “” “Building a civilized table” Advocating the Civilized Table “Advocating the Office Commitment” “Chuang Green Proposal” is in the eyes, the customer’s check-in, there is a warm small prompt “to promote the restriction of once consumption Supplies.

“The hotel has designed a simple and beautiful disposable consumable gift bag. We will provide, but we will guide them to bring their own toiletries. Next, we also consider trying to use it.” Wang Qianhong said.

To come to the hotel, the “CD” of the employee may make many diners impressed.

In a buffet restaurant, Chinese dining area, first there is a “CD Action” proposal. “When you let, if you have fewer meals, we will launch a small dish mechanism. Before you eat, we will inform customers in advance, if you can CD, the hotel will give 100 yuan of catering coupons, sometimes give our homemade cookies “Hotel Food Director Zou Meilan].

“We reasonably guide customer consumption without reducing service standards, so that customers participate in our energy-saving activities. Through our efforts, the future sky will be blue.” Wang Qianhong introduced, the average integrated energy consumption of the hotel 6%.

It is understood that in 2018, Wenling International Hotel successfully created a five-star tourist hotel, 2020, successfully created a Golden Green Tourism Hotel and Jinui Quality Hotel.


Guide customers green consumption in the hotel lobby, restaurant and other places, prompts.

[Source: China Taizhou Net – Taizhou Daily]

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