The bathroom of Japan’s “slap” can be so tidy. This is the “detail control”, right?

We all know that the per capita residence area of ​​Japan is smaller than us, especially their bathrooms are even more famous. But every time we watch Japanese variety shows or TV series, we find that their homes are unusually clean, especially the large toilet, although small, but still very neat.


Compared with most of our domestic bathrooms, although the area of ​​the domestic bathroom is larger than Japan, it is always messy and makes people look uncomfortable.



Why can Japan’s “slap big” bathroom be so tidy? After watching their bathroom, I found that they are the real “detail control”!

Today, let’s learn together, how Japan sorted out and keeps the bathroom tidy.

Use the space below the sink for storage


The Japanese housewife is a well -known storage madness. Under their storage skills, no matter how small the space is, it can become very neat. Similarly, they are also very powerful when storing bathroom items. After their finishing, they will become very regular.


When the Japanese housewife storage the bathroom, not only will it use the cabinet and other cabinets to place items, but also fully use the space below the sink for storage.

Because there will be drainage pipes below our washing table, it is more troublesome to place items. Many friends in China just stacked some items directly in the counter, and it looks very messy.


The Japanese housewife only chooses to place one below the sink

Stretching racks

The drainage pipe in the washing area can be turned directly from the middle of the rack, which will not affect the normal use of the rack. Putting the items according to different classifications on the shelf will be more regular.

The racks selected by Japanese housewives are generally

Double layer or multi -layer design


, Convenient to place more items according to our needs, while at the same time


It will not affect the normal drainage of the bathroom.

Good at using the wall and corner position for storage


The Japanese housewife is also very good at using the walls and some corner positions of the bathroom to storage. In their opinion, all corners can become a storage area. Such a design not only increases the storage area of ​​the bathroom, but also reduces the dead corner of sanitation. Essence

For example, many Japanese housewives will choose

Behind the bathroom



, Maybe the door of the bathroom is only about 15 cm away from the wall, but even such a narrow space must be used. After designing a few walls, you can place washing items or other small items according to our needs or other small items. It’s right.

In addition to designing the shelf, they are also very good at using



To storage, for example, you can install a cave plate at the door of the bathroom, and then place the cleaning tools such as a thread on the cave plate. It will not take up space, and it is more convenient to get it.

If the area is small, you must choose a three -separated design

The Japanese seem to have a kind of obsession with the design of the three separations of the bathroom. No matter how much the bathroom area will choose to design a three -separated area, even if some bathroom area is only 3 to 4 square meters, they will still adhere to their design.

But I have to say that their three -separated design is really practical, it will

Separation of the toilet area, toilet area and shower area


After that, each function becomes one


Solid small compartment


Not only is it more convenient to use, but also to avoid odor.


Although this three -separated design may occupy a part of the bathroom, when entering the bathroom, it feels very refreshing. Each area has a separate function, which will be more convenient to use.

Storage of items according to the frequency of use

We all know that the worst area of ​​the bathroom is to wash the table, and every time the face is washed, the toilet table will become more messy. If

If it is not clean, it is easy to breed bacteria

When using it again, it is likely to hurt our skin.

Therefore, we must regularly organize the washing table to classify and summarize the items. This will not only be more convenient to use, but also not easy to breed bacteria, which will be more neat and hygienic.


Many Japanese housewives will choose

Storage of items according to your own frequency

For example, put the toothbrushes and other items we use every day in a special area; put some items that occasionally use in another area; for some unusual items, they will choose to place them in the cabinet.

After the items are classified, the entire washing table will become more refreshing, and it will be more convenient to get items. After use, just put it back to the original place.

Although the area of ​​the Japanese bathroom is not very large, it feels very refreshing and clean. Everyone can learn and learn from the Japanese storage method, and then our bathroom becomes cleaner.


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The bathroom of Japan’s “slap” can be so tidy. This is the “detail control”, right?