Ji Ying is so beautiful for beauty! Big winter wears pleated short skirt show, really not like a three dolls

Recently, the Boxing Zou City made his wife Jie Ying Yingyi appeared in the airport. Compared with other celebrity packages, Zou Shi Ming and his wife two people can say that there is no respect for winter. The two are more simple and cool, especially Qi Yingying. Unlike the mother who has gave birth to three baby, the body stayed too good!

Yingying, the airport is to dress up very cool, a pink pleated short skirt not only reflects a sweet girl, but also deducts modern fashion, but it is still beautiful.

莹 颖 风 风 穿 指 指

Highlights of the style: Slim; bright eye series; solid color system; umbilica; pleated elements;

Sweet winds can be ascended and the best style, but it is relatively high for color and styles in the shape, which generally integrates the fashion elements, which can make the overall shape more rich, but also to perform aesthetics, and then It is still very high-level feeling with a playful style of fashion, and the simple style is still full.

Full pink LOOK; shape a sweet age

In the style of a sweet girl, the choice of color is quite right, which is generally based on the bright eye series, which can both bake the sweetness, and can create a bright eye series.

Make the overall shape more eye-catching. Among them, the pink looks in the bright color can be described as one of the colors that many girls can’t refuse, so they can add beautiful feelings to the shape, but also rendering fashionable playful breath.

The style of Yingying is combined with the full pink series. Its pink is able to give shape aesthetics and stylish breath, but also create a superior duo, which is more eye-catching and fashionable. It is very good under bright eye.

Stove from her color and skin tone, interpretation of elegant end village.


Collection; reflecting “a dark bright” series

During the color matching process, it is necessary to combine between the fashion items, generally mainly divided into three kinds of matching, homogenation, and solid color system, but the contrasting system is also especially divided into three foundation matching, so It can make the shape more enriched.

1 basic color + foundation color: create a level

2 basic color + bright eye color: play the decoration, give the model “one dark bright” series

3 Bright eye color + bright eye color: rich modeling, diverse


Ji Yingying’s shape is combined with basic color + bright eye color, and white is a refreshing and clean effect. Pink is showing a sweet age, interpretation of playful fashion stylish.

Slim styles; reflecting superior body


When choosing a dress, you must combine the style of the body, after all, the style is mainly striking, so

It is possible to reflect the cleanliness fashion, and it is also very good to modify the superior figure, the simple style is to find out the fashion elegant atmosphere.

Ji Yingying is a combination of self-cultivation. It is still very good to create a sexual and beautiful and beautiful, and the simple style is still very atmospheric.


Pleated elements

Under the dressing of a single dress, you can bind to the fashion elements, combined

Pablet elements can be enriched in the pleated elements and can be used to perform a beautiful age.

Ji Yingying’s shape is combined with pleated elements, create a modern fashion pretty fan, but also a beautiful age, the simple style is still elegant.


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