Toothpaste is not the more expensive, the better, I recommend 3 good toothpaste, bright teeth to remove yellow

We use toothpaste every day. It plays a vital role in our mouth and teeth health and want to have a healthy and good teeth. However, all kinds of toothpastes on the market are dazzling. In recent years For the same treatment, many people believe that the price is a price and one point, and it is expensive to buy it.

In fact, many people have misunderstandings about toothpaste. The more expensive the toothpaste is, the better it depends on the ingredients and effects of toothpaste. The ingredients are different. Of course, the effect is different! So the question is, do you really choose toothpaste?


1. Soda Dag toothpaste (remove yellow)

Soda is a cleaner with a slight corrosion effect, and it is an excellent natural “tooth powder”. Add a little baking soda in the toothpaste, which can neutralize the odor and can also act as a whitening agent. In fact, this is the same as brushing teeth with salt, mainly to whiten the teeth through physical friction.

Toothpaste containing soda ingredients is mainly to remove pigment accumulation on the surface of the teeth. In particular, it has a certain decomposition effect on tartar. Usually you can see the obvious effect as long as you insist on it. It is even more needed to be used. After slowly removing the old stains on the teeth, the teeth can be restored to the original white.


2. Bamboo charcoal toothpaste (removing smoke)

In daily life, many people cannot quit the smelly problems of smoking. Long -term smoking is extremely easy to breed teeth and teeth, and how to remove teeth and dirt into many people’s heart disease. The smoke stains are still adherence to the surface of the teeth, and the teeth become dark and yellow. It also reveals a sour smell. Bamboo charcoal has a strong adsorption ability and decomposes smoke stains. After brushing, the mouth is fresh and comfortable, and the teeth often use the teeth to be clean and white every day.


3. Grass coral toothpaste (remove fire)


Teeth sensitivity is a problem that many people will encounter. In daily life, some bad habits or details that are not easy to pay attention to make our teeth more sensitive! The grass coral toothpaste is added with herbal essence, which can effectively fight the bacteria in the oral cavity. It has rapidly resisting gum bleeding, repairing oral ulcers, improving gum swelling and pain, and removing oral odor effects.

At the same time, it has the effects of preventing gingivitis, periodontitis, and gum atrophy. It is especially suitable for friends who always love hot pot and often get angry!


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