Is your spring dress style decision? It’s better to try the small and fresh Mori girl.

Everyone should be familiar with canvas shoes. From a young age, we grew up with us. Although the canvas shoes are gradually replaced with age, the canvas shoes are always classics of our hearts. There are still many girls who like to wear canvas shoes. The casual feeling is great and easy to be. And use canvas shoes to match skirts, guess what it feels like?


▲ The simplicity and leisure of canvas shoes are a point for people to choose it, so if you want to take this kind of route, use the canvas shoes. There are also some matching matching women’s routes. In fact, canvas shoes can also help. Try to match with a long skirt, the color is as fresh as possible, which can be more likely to achieve the effect. If you feel simple, you can stack a lace vest, which not only enriches the shape, but also increases the gentleness and sweetness of the little woman. Or like to walk a small fresh style of the Japanese, white shirts are stacked with knitted cardigan and skirts, full of literary flavor. White canvas shoes can echo the shirt and set off the entire shape.


▲ The Mori Girl’s dress was very hot a few years ago, and it showed a natural and relaxed attitude through clothes. This relaxed and comfortable feeling was what they pursued. Morning women’s clothes are mostly cotton and linen, and the clothes are wide, and girls will become smaller after wearing them.

In this set of styles, you can intuitively feel the effect of Mori women’s clothing. The bottom skirt is similar to the skirt. It is relatively simple and gentle in color, so there is a gentle atmosphere. If you wear it with canvas shoes, it will be a very literary and pure image. But if you add a layer of skirts to it, you will not only lay the sense of layering, but also with a simple fashion, elegant and clean.


▲ The doll skirt is a major element of the Mori girl. This loose and unrestrained skirt is comfortable and comfortable to wear. Although the body curve is not emphasized, and the design of the waist is not specially made, the charm of the doll skirt is great. If you want to reflect your sweet and cute, or if you want to make age, the baby skirt can try it.

▲ You can also choose some uniquely designed doll skirts. It is like a very popular matching mode now. Just now I did n’t see a few stacks, and the effect of its display is very good. If you feel that you are not easy to master the essentials of stacking, then you work hard on the color first, and choose some simpler to try. For example, the combination of black and white is very classic and very versatile. For novices, it is still very friendly. Use the black life group to make a bottom skirt, and the white gauze skirt on it is very simple and looks pretty good. If you like a richer design, choose a floral single product stacked, first choose a floral skirt, with a cardigan, this is a way of dressing that we will choose. Now we can be under the floral skirt under the floral skirt. Add a high -necked base, and the three -layer stacking can be described as full of layering.

▲ In addition to the coloring of the color, the details of some doll skirts are still great. We saw some doll skirts before, not only sweetness, but also a little retro taste. Mainly there are many doll skirts that will use the design of lantern sleeves. The sleeve shape shows a lantern shape, which will give people a sweet and cute, and retro sense.

The girly style made with canvas shoes is full of look, sweet and fresh.