“Grassroots Style” Wei Du: That’s a silent power

News source: Weidu Procuratorate

——Beaidian Police Police Police Police Police Police Police Police Police Police Police Police Police Appreciation





“It’s too similar to, too much, the portrait of the seven members of the Standing Committee is too similar to the portrait of the portrait, and the portrait of Bao Zheng is also very similar. This panda is too cute …”


In order to activate the cultural life of the prosecutor’s police, strengthen the combat effectiveness and cohesion of the procuratorial organs. A few days ago, the People’s Procuratorate of the Weidu District organized the police officer of the hospital to carry out a paper -cutting and cross -stitching art competition event.

These busy prosecutors use plums, orchids, bamboo, and chrysanthemums that are embroidered in their spare time, and the cartoon characters are brave and mighty; the portraits of the characters are beautiful, the animal paper cuts lively and cute …

Not much to say, let’s watch it together-



Portrait paper -cutting works


Xi Jinping


Li Keqiang

Zhang Dejiang


Yu Zhengsheng

Liu Yunshan


Wang Qishan

Zhang Gaoli

“Paper -cutting master” Wang Dongfang is doing the final processing work

——Wang Dongfang, Yu Yancai, Lin Jing, Tian Xiuzhen, Yue Zhenyi, Wang Peipei works



Cross stitch: Meilan bamboo chrysanthemum

Mei: Aoxue Dou Cream

Lan: elegant and refined


Chrysanthemum: Gao Feng Liang Festival


Chrysanthemum: Standing proudly


——Attian Xiuzhen, Hexuemei, Wanghui set up works


Loyalty, just clean and civilized


——Si Hongjun works


Bao Zheng

—— Tongchun Yu works


Martial arts

—— Hu An Shuangwu


Other paper -cutting works

Four Junzi

(Wu Jie, Tian Xiuzhen, Li Jing’s works)

Over the year

(Lin Jing, Yu Yancai, Zhang Xiaoyan’s works)


Happy Eye Rhyme

(Tian Xiuzhen, Hu An Shuangwa)


“Out of silt but not dyed”

(Rowling Lin)


Dolls, etc.

(Tian Xiuzhen, Li Jing, Xu Ying’s works)

Golden Rooster Blessing


(Yu Yancai works))


“Moisturizer is silent.” The role of culture is subtle, and its strength is huge. For Wei Du Procuratorate, advanced procuratorial culture is the fundamental guarantee of cultivating and creating high -quality procuratorial teams, the spiritual motivation to enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the procuratorial organs, and the soft power to promote the scientific development of Wei Du’s procuratorial cause.