The daughter is one year old, and her mother -in -law bought her five sets of clothes and spent ten yuan spent ten yuan

The daughter had just finished her birthday a few days ago, and gradually became tough and moved. Xiaoxiao watched her daughter playing in the living room every day, feeling very happy and happy.

On this day, I watched my mother -in -law return home brightly, carrying a pack of things in her hand, showing her off, “You see me bought five sets of clothes for my child, guess how much money I spent?”

Xiaoxiao is too much to be a mother -in -law.

It’s not that they don’t respect the elders, but that her mother -in -law is too angry and hurt her heart.

The little husband has a sister, his siblings. Her father -in -law, the father of the father -in -law, had a fever and burned her mind when she was a child, and her mind was not normal. Her husband is considered to be a generation of single transmission, and the task of passing the generation is very heavy.

Starting from a young age to her husband, she has prepared psychological preparation.

The father -in -law gave birth to many times. Every New Year’s Eve, I always say that with children, how to help bring children, how to do it, it is particularly nice.

I just did not expect that after three years of marriage with her husband, she finally had a child, which was originally a happy event. But her mother -in -law learned that she was a girl, and her face turned faster than turning her book.

Little clearly remembers that when she was tortured for three days and died, her mother -in -law still insisted on giving birth. Later, because of the health considerations of the child, the doctor persuaded to have a cesarean section, and her mother -in -law insisted on choosing a good day, which hurt her for four days and four nights.

Later, her mother -in -law said that she was good at her body, but she was a little clear. What her mother -in -law thought was that only by the delivery, she could have a second child faster.

Xiaoxiao still remembers that when she was launched, only her husband and her mother were waiting at the door. Her mother was sleeping on her bed. When her husband was at a loss of the child, she got up when she called her mother -in -law to help.

Because it was a girl, her mother -in -law was not ready. Yes, the first child of his biological son, the mother -in -law used the empty two hands!

What is even more funny is that in the hospital, her mother -in -law was also preparing to pick up things with the little mother and the little mother. It was not good to say that this was not good all day.

Finally, one day, Xiao Xiao couldn’t bear it, and the conflict broke out with her mother -in -law. The reason was that she heard the mother and mother -in -law in the bed next door discussing the baby’s full moon wine. The woman gave birth to a boy. Her mother -in -law said that she had money on her own. The gifts they gave to their daughter -in -law, and she also gave her daughter -in -law 10,000 yuan as a hard fee. Xiaoxiao also wanted to discuss with her mother -in -law how to do the full moon banquet, and her mother -in -law said she couldn’t ask. When the little mother heard it, she was angry at the time, and felt that she was also born with children. The gap between her own family and the mother -in -law of other people’s homes was too large, and she was obviously bullying her daughter. The mother -in -law even fired at the little mother, and said that the little mother had too much control. The little mother thought that she came from her hometown, took care of the little, and took care of her children. Now she has become a nosy, crying and crying. Xiaoxiao felt that her mother -in -law was too much and quarreled with her mother -in -law. As a result, in the inpatient department of the obstetrics and gynecology department, the little mother -in -law became famous, and everyone was puzzled by her so heavy men.

In the confinement, no matter how small the little mother -in -law, no matter the child, the little mother is a small mother before running. Sometimes a little distressed mother, my mother also advised her, don’t think too much in confinement, and raising your body is the most important.

As soon as the confinement came out, the mother asked her to go back.

During the maternity leave, Xiaoxiao was alone with children. Sometimes too tired, her husband would help.

The maternity leave is over, and the small job is over, and the mother -in -law will help watch the child. However, it is still very stingy for children.

Clothes and shoes are all from others. They also say that children wear other people’s clothes. In this regard, Xiaoxiao can only open one eye, close one eye, and strive to do sterilization and disinfection.

Therefore, a little guess, even if you buy clothes, your mother -in -law will not spend too much money.

However, what Xiaoxiao didn’t expect was that the five sets of summer clothes, the mother -in -law spent only ten yuan!

Little is a little crying!