Princess Kate travels in the forest green dress in the winter, breaks the dull, refreshing and elegant

It seems that Princess Kate has fell in love with green since she gave birth to Prince Louis. Her recent travel clothes have chosen green clothing.


Princess Kate participated in a charity event in Forest Hill in southern London. This is her third official event this month.


On the winter day that was not too warm, Princess Kate put on a dark green dress, which looked refreshing and elegant.


This dress comes from the brand Beulah London, which was originally no belt. However, Princess Kate clenched a black leather belt very cleverly and became one of her iconic shapes.

Matching with this forest green dress is also the same color -linked high -heeled shoes, as well as the lk Bennett suede bag with close colors.

This skirt is actually very thoughtful: unlike ordinary dresses, this skirt is actually separated. There is a series of buttons on the left side of the skirt, which makes it look fun and fashionable. The texture of the skirt is very good, which is slightly thicker than the chiffon fabric of the summer, which is more in line with the temperature of winter.

Princess Kate’s official activity is mainly to launch a new national help hot line Family Line.

This is a newly established free charity hotline for Family Action to provide support for parents and child careers.


People can get various help through telephone, email and text messages.

Kate met with a family supported by charity and interviewed young volunteers.

In addition to talking to volunteers, Princess Kate also watched a charity charity movie “Family Monsters”.

This film is produced to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of charity. The film has facing many families such as debt, addiction, lack of time, parent -child relationships, and psychological health issues. It is likely to be a hidden “monster”, which is very vivid and educational.

The main contents of the official activities of Princess Kate are related to their parents, family education, and children’s benefits. Therefore, the launch of the charity hotline is also within her responsibilities.

On the winter day of Xiaoser, a green dress can break the dullness and bring a fresh air. Princess Kate’s dress is customized, but similar models will soon be available. Although the price is 550 pounds slightly expensive, you can also try the year -end award!