KFC “eat” is also crazy: blind box carnival, fried chicken

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At the beginning of 2022, the “Buy Dimoo Home Bucket Package Blind Box” launched by KFC Federation bubble Mart, set off a new year’s first wave carnival across fast food and tide.

On January 10th, “Financial World” weekly reported that on the second-hand trading platform of the idle fish, the original price of 69 yuan / a hidden “apex fried chicken” doll, has been speculated from 800 yuan.

At the same time, in order to grab the blind box, the KFC “Affected” service across the province is still in hot. As early as January 4, the package was on sale on the day. Many users began to snap up, and even someone smashed tens of thousands of yuan “eating chicken” one-time; some people got the blind box, and they opened the baby. I left the whole bucket; even for the blind box, I also gave birth to the “career generation” group.

(Figure: KFC official microscopy)

From “Crazy Thursday” to the blind box, KFC can always seize the “traffic password”, attracting a wave of young people to “crazy”.

The old “foreign fast meal” KFC, needs to keep 95. This time, the marketing of KFC’s joint bubble Mart is greatly “broken”, and earns a lot of influences, but also has the influence of continuous fermentation; however, in the case of buyers “as long as the baby, don’t be chicken” , I have to say that in front of the new blind box, KFC’s “fried chicken burger” is a bit “phased”.

If there is no promotion and joint blind box “热”, Will KFC be so fragrant after 95,?

“Wait, the chicken is me”

“In order to grab Dimoo, a person must eat a full bucket!” After 95, Chen Yao took the “flight colonel” in KFC and bubble Mart Dimoo, excitedly sent a circle.


According to KFC official microblog, starting at 10:30 on January 4, Buying a 99-yuan family bucket package in KFC can be randomly obtained from 35th anniversary of KC, KFC × Dimoo, limited series, limited quantity First come first served.


It is reported that the series of blind boxes have 6 regular paragraphs and 1 hidden doll doll, 6 1 box, and 263,880 copies in the country. This also means that the user who buys a full bucket is only 1/72 probability of smashing the doll.


A week ago, after I learned the news in the baby friend, Chen Wei began to prepare. He made a memorandum in advance, set a alarm clock, and I was afraid that I missed the order time. Even in order to improve the success rate, Chen Hao also specially chose a relatively remote KFC door store to “squat” in advance.

At 10:30 on January 4, Chen Yao placed on time, waiting in line, waiting for the blind box. However, when waiting until the package, Chen Yizi found that the number of blind boxes from each KFC door store is different. “There is internal news in our circle that a store will allocate 36 packages, corresponding to 36 bodies, 6-fold box blind box. But I am in the store only 4 box blind box, and my friend said that there are stores There is only 1 full box. “

“People behind me, I have a lot of orders in one time.” Chen Xia said. Because the guests only give 1 kit every 1 package, when the round to him, the whole box of the blind box just opened, the remaining 3 box blind box, the clerk is planning all the way behind him “Big customers”.

This has violated the rules of “first to”, Chen Wei is particularly uncomfortable, and the clerk is quarreled with a Dimoo doll. But it is also, Chen Yu is suspected, a lot of purchase package is not ordinary customers. “There are many yellow cattle on the scene on the same day, and it is basically the whole pocket.”

Chen Yu is a lucky one in the “grabbed doll”. The netizens who said “Founded at all, even if they have not been robbed” are not in a small number, and there are more and more questions on the official Weibo of KFC: “The employee turned into the yellow cattle directly to save it?” “” “Which stores have Blind box, how many packages will be released at all. “” I am going to get on the small program, it is hard to get to the store, the result is all after being bought by the yellow cattle, the clerk actually let me return? “

KFC’s 99-yuan package contains: 3 small Coles, 1 Sweet fries, 1 old Beijing chicken roll, 1 spicy chicken leg, 5 gold chicken, 2 ports. On the social platform, a hand player stands out in this snapped: for the hidden model, he spent 10,494 yuan, and he bought 106 packages in one breath.

So much money to buy a whole bucket, go to the base value? “You look at this 99 yuan package feel very expensive, but you have to know, a Dimoo blind box on the market sells at least 69 yuan, the joint number sells 89 yuan, so, buy the doll, can eat a full-family bucket, it is very Deliverable, you can say ‘buy it is earning’. What’s more, the doll is put in the idle fish, usually sells more than 100 yuan. “Chen Wei said.


According to the “Financial World” weekly, it is currently in the idle fish platform. The cheapest of the KFC Federation Dimoo dolls is also 70 yuan; in which conventional payments are different depending on the heat. For example, the price of the Shengdu price is 125 yuan / piece; burger, the fries are sold to 110 yuan / month, and the other payment is 100 yuan / month.

The scarce hidden model has been stirred up to 800 yuan / one, which has soared by nearly 12 times higher than the price of 69 yuan Dimoo doll on the market.

(Figure: screenshot of idle fish)

However, the players of bold “golden”, such as “10,000 yuan to eat chicken” players face new problems: How do I solve 106amblag, Beijing chicken rolls, Pato, Patteries, 212 Egg tarts and 318 cups of small Coke?


“Eating” service is also delivered.

On the microblogging “to eat” topic, “professional generation to eat, never waste” “Doll is attributed to you, fat belongs to me”, etc., there is even netizens to start cross the province.

It is understood that this “generation” service is roughly divided into three situations: First, the two sides each bear a certain package fee, the proportion is determined by both parties, and the dolls are invited to “generation”. The full payment package fee, take the doll, all the meals to eat people; there are some buyers not covered to their own city, simply spend money crossing the city, only for yourself. Brail box.

Even if the joint event is the first week, the current lack of fish platform is still not lacking “to find a generation” and “shooting” list.

While crazy “selling baby”, I am crazy “eat chicken”, forming a wonderful view on the second-hand trading platform. There are also some people sigh, but also caught in the “Marketing Relve” KFC’s consumption trap.

But this time, retaining the user is a blind box, but it is not KFC’s fried chicken burger.

Grasp the traffic password

Together to join the blind box, KFC is undoubtedly mastered the current “flow password”.

Junny marketing makes customers voluntarily saving money, and it is a means of resequent testing. Prior to Dimoo, KFC was also known as Hellokitty and Bao Dream and other well-known toy brands.

In March last year, KFC launched and popular mobile game “original god” linkage package, with the game props and limit badges. At that time, countless KFC did not have a long team, and some people had a tent from the night, and occupied the door. At that time, there was no shortage of “people who eat” on Weibo and idle fish platforms, and even someone specially built “generations”.


Playing from the second game to the tide, on the footsteps of the young people, KFC this is not tired. In addition, it also played “mad four literature” stalks.

“Crazy Four” refers to the low-cost promotion of “Crazy Thursday”, which is launched by KFC, and the “literary stalk” that has been extended is a tender text that is popular in the second half of last year. Netizens tell the story of unclear, and each story can be “Today is KFC mad Thursday, who invites me?” As a hilarious reverse end. KFC also hosted “Crazy Four Literature Festival”, collecting “Crazy Fourth Wenhao” and sent a mysterious gift.

(Figure: Weibo “mad four literature” screenshot)

In the “eating chicken”, in terms of marketing, KFC said the second, maybe no one dare to compete for the first. As early as 3 years ago, Zhong Fanghua, Vice President, China Planning Sharing Service, has emphasized that “content marketing is more important than ten years ago, the reason is that the changes in consumers, the brand is 90, after 95, after 95, This consumers have different circles that have completed the content of interest, excavate and even create changes from passive acceptance. “

However, it is worth noting that at the glance of KFC, it is also a way to complain about the increasingly affordable promotion of KFC. Some netizens have spoked on Weibo: “Almost, it is very crazy on Thursday, but the dishes are not crazy … The weight is too large, but the menu is not updated, and the light marketing is not practical.”

The many joint activities of KFC, and there is no shortage of consumers. In the event of the “original god” of the KFC, the fans who came to the United KFC were questioned to question KFC’s false propaganda, cut the leeks: “The event is known for so many days, but the half a meal is not sold. We are far away To live in the hotel, wait until the theme store, the event is notified that it has been temporarily canceled, the official is not in advance. “

Among the bubble martial arts activities, all kinds of “Huang Bai snapped up” “reselling blind box” have also triggered a lot of netizens.

KFC “It’s not good to do the chicken” for a long time.

KFC has already started “Net Red Marketing” wind.


KFC landed in Beijing Quanmen Street in 1987, and now there are nearly 8,000 restaurants in more than 1,800 towns in the country. However, because of the combination of fried chicken with carbonated beverage, KFC has begun to be “high-calorie food” from the initial “foreign fast food” representative.

To this end, in 2004, KFC specially released the “Chinese KFC’s Food Health Policy White Paper”, which clarifies the direction of the product that meets the taste of China.

From the 2002 breakfast porridge, to the old Beijing chicken roll to 2003, then the frozer, soy milk, tomato floral soup, etc., KFC increasing “localization”.

In recent years, KFC “varies”, “continuously launched Sichuan spicy skewers, Guangxi snail powder, Wuhan hot dry noodles, Henan Nutong Tang and Hunan beef rice noodles and other foods.

In this process, more and more “net red” elements are also included in the capsule by KFC, not only on ingredients, but also expanded to different tracks. For example, KFC entered the bureau, launched a limited edition of naillands; developed the virtual image of the founder of the founder and launched “I love you, Shandex’s school! “Love simulation game, etc.

There have been data show that in 2018, the new speed of KFC has surpassed China’s nearly nine-centered catering enterprises, with a new year, and the average monthly update at least four products. However, “there is no latest, only updated”, is now starting to make many people feel “touching the mind”.

Knowing the question of “why KFC is getting more and more difficult to eat”, the following high praise said that the KFC will quickly take the delicious thing, and the more adding the meal component.

Cui Yicheng, who loves to eat fast food is KFC’s old users. He said: “The return time of the idylaburg last year is too short. It is clear that the market is so good. I don’t know if this is a hungry marketing means of KFC?”

Young 95 after Guo Keoke said that he has rarely eats KFC and McDonald’s unless they have a good toy. “KFC, McDonald’s is getting more expensive, especially KFC. And, its spokesperson a change, giving me a package of 35 yuan, 30 yuan is spent a spokesperson. And menu Replace the new product, give me the feeling of I often ‘change the soup, do not change the medicine, add a mushroom on the original category, change a sauce, and put it again. “

In the face of the more “localized” KFC, Guo Ke can have a bit lost, “can understand the brand ‘to enter the countryside,” I want to get close to the distance of consumers, but I am clearly a foreign fast food brand, now I have become four unlike. And now Western style There are also many snacks, the same money, I may have better, more. “

Do you still have young people?

(Figure: Visual China)

As the ocean fast food giant, KFC seems to also reveal a bit of anxiety.

According to the financial report, as the largest facade of Hundred Sorts China, as of the end of June last year, KFC occupied nearly 70% of its online store, contributing to 71.66 billion US dollars, accounting for 71.2% of the total revenue of the parent company; Baisheng China was 92.75% in the first half of last year.

However, according to the financial report, Hundred Santing Group has adjusted net profit for $ 96 million in the third quarter of last year, down 63% year-on-year; the sales of the same store decreased by 7% over the same period last year, including KFC and Pizza Hut down 8% and 5% respectively.

In September last year, Baisheng China was opened in the first day of the Second day of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and fell below HK $ 412, the decline was over 15%, and finally closed HK $ 390.2, fell 5.29%.

In addition to its own performance, KFC has also begun to face a new generation of consumers pay attention to diversified needs and health diet. According to the “Digital Investigation Report of 2021 Catering Industry”, the 90s, especially 95 gradually became the consumption of the catering market, and the total of 66.1% of the food consumption is contributed in 2020. At the same time, research shows that after the epidemic, 85% of 95 will pay more attention to physical health, more inclined to choose healthy food.

“I feel that I often eat fast food is very unhealthy. Generally, I only have a busy, or when I don’t know what to eat, I will eat KFC, McDonald’s, or when they are engaged in the activity.” Xing Jiayi said to the “Financial World” weekly.

Cui Yicheng is looking forward to KFC or will continue to do it. smell”.

It is worth mentioning that from the perspective of financial report, the decline in performance does not affect the expansion speed of the KFC company. In the third quarter of last year, the company has opened a total of 524 stores, creating a new high in the quarter, 362 new KFC brand stores, 103 guest brand stores.

(Figure: KFC official microscopy)

(Figure: screenshot of idle fish)

At the same time, KFC’s digital and supply chains are constantly optimizing, and the parent company also expressed the integration of 45% fundraising to digital, food innovation, and advantageous market resources.At present, KFC APP has gradually evolved from a simple member order platform to a more complete retail e-commerce platform.

After the 95, the “fried chicken burger” may have no milk tea, blind box, etc.Can KFC’s fast food memories that are able to re-build their next generation?

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