Summer college wind pine tight skirt, people who do not make clothes also make it easy

Today I will share with you the college wind pine tight skirt pants scissor. This cutting picture has been put on the sewing head without putting the sewing head.


The tailoring drawing is still drawn by the usual city -inch unit and CM unit. In the tailoring map, the black is the market inch data, and the red is CM data to meet the needs of different students. Some students say that they can’t understand the city inch Units, in fact, as long as you compare with the soft ruler, it is easy to get the data. We use the city inch and not inch. Don’t make mistakes.

The main points of production:


This loose skirt is best made of thin denim fabrics. It is breathable. This pants are not like our usual pants. This pants are relatively large to the skirt. If the arc is arc, if the arc looks like the lines will look better, the place where the pants are cut in the middle need to be placed separately. If you want to put a bigger place in the lower half, you can add it on this basis. More bigger. Of course, it depends on everyone’s cloth. The width of the loose waist is 1 inch, and it is about 0.5 inches long than our usual pants. It is also comfortable to wear, and the appearance looks flatter. The loosening amount of the hips is about 5 inches. In fact, the amount of volume is only for the upper part. The effect of the lower part is not obvious due to folds.


Reference data (unit: city inch)

Pants length: 14/47cm (this can be pressed by each person) hips: 34/113cm