“Tofu pants” this summer is on fire, elegant and versatile, stars have been put on

Pants are definitely the same items in daily styling. Especially in this summer, if you want to complete the fashionable shape, how can you miss a tofu pants with versatile capabilities?

Compared to the small black pants and jeans on bad streets,

Tofu pants can be described as trendy tip products that stars and fashion experts are trying

It has a clean color with simple lines of pants. It has a very good style adaptation ability. The stars like to wear it. It is precisely because it can match different styles with other products. when





For women of all ages and various figures, tofu pants are very good choices. Of course, if you want to make your tofu pants more fashionable and resistant, then follow today’s article to learn the corresponding choice Gets and matching knowledge.

1. Tofu pants 技 技 一 一 一 一 一


Point 1: Pants type selection


Just as the basic forms of pants are tight and wide -legs, on the choice of tofu pants, there are also more favorable choices for women with different figures.


Wide -legged tofu pants

It is more suitable for women with more lower body fat,



Women can use wide -leg tofu pants to cover their imperfect leg lines

, Let Visual

On the center


Tight tofu pants

The restrictions are relatively large. If women who are very satisfied with their hips and legs can try it. The clean color and simple line design will make your leg advantage more prominent.


Straight tofu pants

It is more recommended for women with ordinary figures. This kind of pants are neither as wide as wide -leg pants, nor as narrow as tight pants. It is suitable for most ordinary women, and the legs that can be modified in straight pants are more straight.

Key points 2: Material selection

Compared to the fixed jeans,

Tofu pants are actually more diverse in material selection

This also provides a certain foundation for us with different styles, such as conventional denim fabrics, polyester fabrics and cotton fabrics on top of tofu pants.

Denim tofu pants

It will be tough with jeans, which is very suitable for daily wear, and this fabric is also the most slim and thin.


Polyester tofu pants


It is more designed to be used on the suit pants. This kind of pants are more suitable for office workers to wear commutes. Compared with the too conventional black suit pants, suit pants will look more fashionable.

Cotton tofu pants

Needless to say, it must be an important item in the leisure shape. White soft fabrics will give people a full impression of sports.

Material selection small suggestion:

Although the material of tofu pants is very diverse, it still needs to be here

Remind you not to choose a fabric that is too soft


Essence Because the white itself is not as thin as black. If the texture of the tofu pants is too soft, it will tightly wrap the legs of the legs, and it cannot play a role in modifying the leg shape.

Second, tofu pants の color matching guide


TIPS1: Smooth color matching


If you want to emphasize the pure white and clean sense of tofu, then the simplest color matching solution is to use the clothes of the same color to match the color. Together.

Beige plus white:

Beige is a color that is very fitted with white, but a yellow tone is mixed with the color of tofu pants. Beige is very suitable for Asian women with slightly yellow skin.

White plus white

: One of the simplest ways in color matching is the same color matching. The white combination of white and white will give people a natural sense.

A white shape will also show a gentle temperament on women.

Tips2: neutral color matching


Black and white

: Black and white matching is undoubtedly the most classic color matching in the fashion industry, and this matching solution will never make mistakes. If you choose tofu pants, at the same time you want to use a set of retro and elegant shapes, choose a black top You can solve the problem perfectly.


: The depth of gray is less than black, so the contrast between white is not so large, and it will look softer. This neutral color matching will make your shape look more daily and low -key.


TIPS3: Bright color matching

Tofu pants plus blue top:

The freshness of the blue and the purity of the white is very suitable to wear together. It also looks more harmonious and natural, which will also make the overall shape more harmonious.

Tofu pants and yellow top:

Yellow is also a bright color that is very suitable for Asians. The light yellow is also suitable for white.


Third, combined combination skills of tofu pants

Tips 1: Short -shirt plus high waist tofu pants

Tofu pants with bubble sleeve top

: Bubble sleeve tops are popular items in recent years. It emphasizes the elegant and romantic temperament of women, and at the same time, it can also modify the head and shoulders. The simple tofu pants matching also highlights the design of this kind of top.

Tofu pants and suspender top

: The short suspender top is also a hot spicy item in summer. If the lines of the overall shape are more concise and clear, the selection of a very small suspender top and tofu pants are combined, which will reflect this minimalist. Advanced texture. The short top of the suspender model is also suitable for women with beautiful shoulder and neck lines.


Tofu pants plus short T -shirt

: The short T -shirt has both the comfort of the T -shirt, and also enhances the fashionable charm of the short top. It can be said that it is a very suitable item with tofu pants. If you want to try the casual style, you can also wear short T -shirts.

Tips 2: Design tops and tofu pants

Tofu pants with floral shirt

: Flower shirts are relatively fashionable for fashion elements. When matching, you must choose as clean and simple pants to match as possible. Tofu pants are the best choice.

Tofu pants with loose suit

: When Over Size’s suit is matched with tofu pants, it will look more on the fashion design sense of the upper body, which also reflects the good and versatile charm of tofu pants.

Suggestion of loose suit wearing:

It is still difficult to control the loose suit to control the loose suit.

This requires us to choose a more obvious style of the shoulder line to increase the stiffness of the suit.

, So that it will not press the height.

Choosing a suits with strong pendant performance can be slim and thin to the maximum.

3. It is also recommended that you wear a loose suit,

Be sure to open the placket


The high -waisted tofu pants inside emphasized the high waistline of the internal clothing, so that the inside and outside comparisons can show an excellent figure proportion.

Tofu pants that belong to the mid -summer season can show the good fashion light of women. The reason why it is recommended to everyone is because it has a high degree of harmony with different styles of fashion. I hope everyone can make good use of such single products to wear your charm.