Don’t wear a suit in autumn. These three khaki trench coats are fashionable and fashionable.

Autumn is different for many people. Some people think that autumn is too desolate, and some people will feel that autumn is a very romantic season. Sound, this extreme romantic atmosphere is not available in other seasons. The most sense of autumn atmosphere must be a trench coat.


As long as you put on a trench coat, it means that the autumn is coming, and the trench coat is no stranger to everyone. This kind of item is too classic, and it has been popular for many years. It will not change with the trend of fashion, becoming a kind of eliminated item, but has always had its own status in the fashion circle.

For the vast majority of women, trench coats are also a good item that improves temperament. The daily style is boring and tasteless, but the trench coat is a unique fashion. The design sense is strong and plastic, and you don’t need to worry about the monotonous style. In the process of constantly groping, we will find more new styles for our wear. The following three common trench coats, the first type of temperament, and the last one is more attractive. Let’s see if there is any one that suits you!


Matching one: windbreaker+long skirt

The reason why the trench coat looks like a person’s outstanding temperament is because the overall length is there. Generally, it is the main length of the long style. Few trench coats are mainly short. Many people may have the length of the trench coat. I have not studied carefully. The style of the windbreaker of different lengths is different. The classic style of windbreaker is generally long -lasting. Such trench coats are more suitable for long skirts.


You can choose a dress with a dress or a slim style. No matter which kind of long skirt you choose, combined with the long trench coat is a combination of heaven. Such a combination is fat and bloated, and the windbreaker has a strong tolerance. No matter what long skirts we choose, the matching can be passed smoothly.


Match two: windbreaker+skirt

Some girls are relatively short. In this case, they are not suitable for long trench coats, but you can choose medium and long trench coats, which length trench coat, and consider actual height. It is recommended The skirt is compared with long skirts. This kind of skirt has obvious high waistline.

And it will divide the body proportion more clearly. It is not recommended to choose the too loose pleated skirt, or a puff skirt, but mainly based on a slightly slim skirt, in order to avoid bloating.

Match three: trench coat+nine -point pants

For the matching of trench coats, many people will follow a common style, use windbreakers to match wide -leg pants, or use trench coats to match small foot pants. Interest, wide -leg pants will look very old, and small foot pants will seem unique, and the effects of these two pants are not obvious.

For girls of different heights, the choice of pants must be practical. In addition to fashion and temperament, it is also suitable for more people to wear, which can make the matching more advantageous. Among the many types of pants, the version of the nine -point pants version The design of the type is more reasonable. With the interstalking of the akle, the legs will appear more long visually. With a trench coat, the whole person will become more temperamental and tall.

The three types of trench coats are very fashionable. Learning one can improve the temperament. Now it is not too late.


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