Kartell at home, the first flagship store in China

Beijing News (Reporter Wang Wei) March 16th, the first flagship store in Blue Morning Home · Kartell China held an opening ceremony at the 2nd floor of the International House of Beijing North Fourth Ring. Blue morning international home CEO Liu Wanyou, Italy Ettore Sequi, Ettore Sequi, Gianluca Righetto, General Manager of the Kartell Asia Pacific, China Business Manager Martina Cosolo Ma Haiyan, Actually, Foundation, General Manager Su Hongmei, etc. Attend this event.

The flagship store is a blue morning home and Kartell to work together to build China’s first, and the only Kartell flagship store. The exhibition hall is 300 square meters, from wallpapers to the ground, then the exhibition, all imports of Italy, providing consumers with the best quality experience. The products of the flagship store exhibition hall are the latest or bestselves with international synchronization, each with a very market and artistic tension. There are world famous design masters Philippe Starck uses the Louis Ghost transparent chair of polycarbonate design, the red dot prize and excellent design award double masters chair, Battery lamps and other classics or innovative products, beautiful appearance, and a chic space environment.

Blue morning international home CEO Liu Wan friends said that innovative design concepts and products are really pursuit of designers and consumers. In such a market environment, the blue morning home will introduce international original original products into the country, with the fastest Speed ​​and consumers meet, provide a variety of options.