The new styling of the king and Fang Yuan is full of temperament, irregular five -pointed star earr

Speaking of Guo Fucheng, then everyone will unconsciously think of two women, one is his ex -girlfriend, and a very famous model, that is Xiong Dailin. The other is the current wife Fang Yuan. When Guo Fucheng announced Fang Yuan’s identity, many people expressed surprise. The seemingly nothing to do has come together and had to feel the magic of fate.


As a model, Fang Yuan is also very right with the handsome Guo Fucheng in his face value. Although her clothes are spit a lot, her jewelry accessories also have her own unique style.

Although Fang Yuan’s appearance is not outstanding, she can definitely be called beauty, and her sense of fashion is also very strong, and she has a good foundation. Wearing a knitted top and light blue jeans underneath, it is very generous and elegant. The hair is scattered on both shoulders, and the feminine beauty is added. This simple shape makes people look pleasing and very comfortable. No wonder it can be favored by Guo Fucheng.

Wear a pair of simple earrings, the hair with a looming hair is blocked, and only occasionally see the light above. The golden chain watches wearing make her wrist is particularly slender. Essence The black mirror wearing is mainly black, which adds white particles like pearls for inlaid, which makes a hint of a little girl playful in the handsomeness. Whether she was sitting or standing or standing, her posture was particularly beautiful. Not only is she thin but also high, although she cannot get the same husband, Fang Yuan’s photo posture can still be learned.

Wearing a white dress is very elegant. Step a pair of pink thick heels. Sitting there, Fang Yuan was like a lady. And this seemingly simple skirt also has some retro design inside. Bubble sleeves and shoes are a combination of fashion and retro. The arms are more slender under the comparison of bubble sleeves. This dress can’t be friendly for female friends with meat.


The square golden sunglasses make the face lines extremely soft, and the choice of earrings is more casual. In fact, trying the streaming chain here may be more immortal.


A golden embroidered sling dress is particularly noble. The sequin design above has enhanced the skin of the whole person. There is also the design of embroidery. She stepped on a pair of copper -colored high -heeled shoes. The golden color of her body made her full of temperament, but she could still see that she was slightly restrained.


It is more distinctive on the accessories. It is a simple ring on the hand, and the earrings are worn on the ear. The five -pointed star pattern composed of bright diamonds, the left ear is the pentagram earrings directly, while the five -pointed star on the right side uses a bright diamond, and the Western chain that is arranged is pulled. The earrings are long and short, plus the luster above, the overall design is very harmonious.


The star earrings have a different taste. The personality is very distinctive and unique. Girls who like exaggerated jewelry may wish to try this dress, which is very eye -catching.

The same earrings, wearing this embroidered top and black cropped pants. Compared to the skirt above, it may look better. It is not too restrained, and it also highlights the charm of mature women. And there is a small star pattern on the top, which echoes the choice of earrings. This slender waist is not like a child.

From models to Uranus, the matching of clothing and jewelry also leaps like a qualitative status. Women’s temperament can really change.