Liuduqiao’s new gold jewelry inherits the soul of Wuhan City with a jewelry

New Golden Jewelry General Store’s window, showing the city of Wuhan



Born in a city, growing in one soil, your memory, your habits, your food, and your friends will remember it for a lifetime. That’s the call of urban culture, the inheritance of the soul

On December 28, 2016, Xinzhongshan Avenue opened the street. The south of the former site of Liuduqiao, the new gold jewelery general store is also newly opened.

On this “old -fashioned” Xinzhongshan Avenue, Liuduqiao was gone, the “six doors” were gone, and Xinhua Cinema was closed. Fortunately, the new gold jewelry is still there.

33 years ago, the first batch of jewelry stores in Wuhan opened and operated, and the new world jewelry (new gold jewelry) under the Liudu Bridge of Zhongshan Avenue became the leader of the gold jewelry industry in the business history of Wuhan.

33 years later, with the old town of Wuhan, the native jewelry company, which was in the old town of Wuhan, was full of vicissitudes and vicissitudes, and it was full of Xuannang to remember the old city of Wuhan back to this growing land.

Local jewelery inherit the city’s soul

Tonight, when you stroll in Xinzhongshan Avenue and walk to the original site of Lao Liuduqiao, you will definitely be taken away by the two artistic floor -to -ceiling windows by the roadside.

On the one hand, it is the old fireworks of the old Hankou city scenery, and the prosperous cultural romance of the businessmen; on the one hand, it is the new gold jewelry that grows here, growing with the city, sharing the wind and rain, and the old photos, old objects, old objects, old objects, old objects, old objects, old objects, old objects, old objects, old objects, old objects, old objects, old objects, old objects, old objects, old objects, old objects, old objects, old objects, old objects, old objects, old objects, old objects, old objects, old objects. All the way.

The multimedia display of the two -site outdoor window, which directly brought the citizens to the new and new Wuhan, which was the first in the industry.

The growth history of an enterprise is the timeline of the city’s change.

From 1983 to 2016, the new golden jewelry is a partner who passes through time with Jiangcheng Wuhan to witness an old friend who grows up.

In the memory of the girl of Lao Hankou, buy jewelry and go to Liuduqiao; when he arrived at Liuduqiao, he went to New World (the predecessor of the new gold jewelry).

“The most touched me, and what makes me more confident is that many, many Wuhan people remember, and recognize the past names of the new gold jewelry, and give up their native jewelry. In front of the head store, Meng Fei, executive general manager of the new gold jewelry, was so emotional.

He is a native Wuhan male general, thinking that gold jewelry outlines the commercial context of a city and loads the commercial culture of a city.

He said that local jewelry has the responsibility to inherit the soul of the city.

New Golden Jewelry is in line with the taste of Wuhan

In 33 years, the new gold jewelry is rooted in the memory of consumers, just like the soul of Wuhan City into the new golden bone marrow, spurring this native jewelry gold, continuously innovating and keeping pace with the times during inheritance.

“Every year and year, it is the recognition and love of consumers. It has given us the motivation to turn around. It will never shake.” Meng Fei told reporters that it is the trust of a generation of citizens in Wuhan. More firm, “This is also our confidence to turn around.”

Inheriting the cultural soul, this is the responsibility of Xinjin to the city; innovative jewelry design is the responsibility of Xinjin to guests.

It is this responsibility that makes the “new golden” jewelry more in line with the taste of Wuhan people.

Traditional jade, gold, and platinum jewelry, new gold gives new designs that meet the trend; independent newly developed light luxury jewelry series, both light luxury design categories that are in line with international standards and light custom innovation for young people ; Update the tide, as well as the popular IP custom jewelry Mifid Rabbit series that leads the industry.

Everything can be found in the Xinzhong Zhongshan Avenue of Xinzhongzhong Avenue, where you can find your favorite answer.

Because of the culture, you can find the inspiration of innovation in the resonance of thought; inheriting the soul, you can find the ultimate significance of your career during the integration of emotions.

Continue new gold services to create more functions

The ultimate significance of the New Golden Jewelry’s career was set as early as 33 years ago, and the “command stick” -jewelery is by no means high luxury goods.

The jewelry that consumers can afford to be available are another responsibility of the new gold jewelry. Perhaps it is always practicing such a responsibility that you will make your name deep into the memory of new and old guests, and to engrave them into the trajectory of urban development.

Ning Ning lost a lot of money, not losing a letter. As early as the 1990s, New Golden Jewelry came up with a series of service standards for the iron law by today’s jewelry dealers to protect consumers’ rights and interests. For example, free diamonds, renovation, naked diamond custom products, various private customization, etc.

While following the tradition, the new gold jewelry now has a light custom service service of autonomous new design, and continuously meets the personalized needs of different customers. By providing exquisitely engraving, gold -plastic jade, diamond ring customization, engraving customization and other craft services to create Lightly customize jewelry.

Today, in addition to continuing the traditional refund, true, guarantee, warranty, warranty, and various professional services, it will also broaden the scope of exclusive services such as free gold plating and free preparation, while continuously increasing service functions.

“In the future, consumers mentioned the jewelry of Wuhan, and will definitely talk about the local new gold. This is jewelry with unique cultural and service concepts.” Meng Fei said that the new gold jewelry in front of the citizens of Wuhan will be. It carries the urban cultural soul, beautiful, good, meets the needs of personalization, but the price is not high.