Do this with my baby’s open crotch pants! Don’t be cold, don’t get a little fart in your belly

The open crotch trousers of 0-12 months of the babies are painted like this. Plus the wide waist, don’t be afraid of being cold

Today, I will share with you the cutting picture of the open crotch pants of the baby baby


High waist care of the belly, the back of the crotch, do not sting the buttocks

Let’s take a look at style pictures


The following is the tailoring of the 3-6 months of the baby wearing it

If you need other numbers, you can refer to the size table below for push board drawing


The newborn is 52 yards, which can be pushed to a number according to the law of the above


If you want to learn more about the explanation of the principles of cutting the picture and the principle of drawing, you can join my circle to learn

Sewing process and sewing process commentary

Choose the fabric, choose the baby fabric knitting

Wash water treatment before cutting

According to the tailoring picture above, the size of your baby can be drawn directly on the home fabric and the sewing edge is cut.

The sewing of knitted fabrics requires a four -wire sewing machine. If not, it is also possible to suture with a flat sewing machine, but it must be used with elastic lines. Just make a hair edge on the side of the seam, and the knitted fabrics generally do not take off. If you do another seam processing, the gap will be relatively hard to wear.

Such a wide waist, the waist should be sewed with thread fabric, and the thread fabric should choose threads with a more comfortable stretch. Don’t be too tight, the baby will be uncomfortable. Similarly, use cotton fabrics


Next, start sewing:

Sewing order: Switch in the inner sewing first, and then suture the crotch seam.

The crotch seam is wrapped with the edge of the edge, and the edge strip is 3.2cm wide. The lines of the edge strip are used with horizontal lines. Generally, the elasticity of the horizontal lines will be better

Finally, the wide waist is sutured, and the waist is packed and sewed.


The thread on the waist is generally 4-5cm less than the edge of the belly, so that it will not be worn when it is worn.


Finally suture the mouth thread

The thread of the foot and mouth is generally about 5cm larger than the baby’s ankle. The baby will not get stuck when wearing activities. The activity is more comfortable.

Okay, the finished product is complete

If you like it, you can try it by hand. If you don’t understand, you can leave a message or a private message in the comment area.

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