The autumn and winter sweaters are worn like this, and the western qi exploded

The little cute@Nangong Shaohua who wants to transform today still encountered an old problem: I do n’t know what I ’m suitable and like.


The grains can be made very limited, but according to the photos you posted, find some suitable makeup, hairstyles, wear, etc.

But “how to find a suit that suits you” is a very broad problem. In addition to suitable,

It is also related to wear and personality, preferences, etc.

For example, some people have less personality and do not like to laugh. They prefer that is not very attractive, but notice that people feel comfortable.

The suggestions I give may be suitable, but it may not be what you like.



The only way is to try more

, Jumping out of inertia, boldly trying some single products that were ignored in the past, maybe you can get unexpected clothes.


Step 1


Phase analysis

Classifying the face shape with goose eggs, round faces, and square faces is an ideal state. But in real life, many people’s faces are not standard faces, but a combination of multiple faces.

For example, this little cute, the gap between the forehead and the chin, the horizontal distance is small,

Long face


Essence In addition, the lower jaw bone is a bit slightly outward, and the chin has a blunt feeling.




Fortunately, the skin on the face is relatively strong, the lines of the face shape are smooth, and there will be no sense of rectangular face. If you judge from the warm and cold style,

The face shape is biased towards the warm style.

Then look at this kind of cold and warm judgment on the facial features. The nose and mouth lines are clear and have a certain sense of cold; the eyes are slender, but they do not belong to the type of small eyes and warm, so the facial features are the style of warm and warm.


After the face shape and appearance of the appearance are clear, it can help us be more handy in the positioning of makeup and dressing style.

Step 2


Makeup transformation

After the first step of looks, the makeup thinking is more obvious: the main modification of the face length and the mandibular bone.

Intersection What hairstyles can be selected

Her current hairstyle is: long straight hair.

Obviously, long straight hair must not be the best choice for long faces, and the top of the head is relatively collapsed, and the face shape will be stretched out of the vertical direction.

If the little cute preferences long straight hair, it must

Pay attention to creating the fluffy sense of the skull.

CR Xiaohongshu: loloop

You can use corn to clamp to increase the skull’s top, so that the hair roots on the head are fluffy, and then use the side to blur the highest point of the hairline and visually reduce the length of the face.

Compared with straight hair, I recommend long face


Long curly hair


, The length to the clavicle shoulder, be sure to add curls to fluff the hair and expand the horizontal area to balance the face length.

I noticed that I had scalded hair before, but only rolled the lower half, so that the center of gravity of the head was pressed down, and the head was very bulky.


And this curly hair is too feminine, and the appearance is mature,

Greatly increased the risk of showing old.

You only need to add a little s bending on the basis of straight hair. This kind of curvature is best

Start with the position above the head

Essence For example, this French egg roll is fluffy and hot, focusing on highlighting, not curls, and the temperament is reduced.


CR Xiaohongshu: Baiyun Another Hairstyle Design

Intersection What makeup


Long face is suitable for flat soft eyebrows, you can consider when thrush


Properly increase the thickness of the eyebrows


Essence When bold the eyebrows, we must thicken the lower side, reduce the position of the eyebrow, and shorten the eyebrow distance.

Eye makeup

First shape the shape of the entire eye, reduce the range of the upper eye shadow, the lying silkworm can be slightly larger, add a little eyelid to the eye, reduce the eyebrow position, and balance the face ratio.


Starting from nowadays, extending to the surface, blush in horizontal, broaden the width of the face, and let the surface not open in space, which can shorten the surface visually.


Little cute lips are thin, so the upper lip and lower lip can be properly thickened, shortening people’s neutral and chin.



Little cute is mainly at the atrium and the president. Pay attention to the nose and chin on the repair.

First of all, do not hit the whole piece, just need to strengthen the location of the mountain roots that come over. Then use the shadow of the nose and nose to shorten the length of the atrium.

CR Xiaohongshu: itsnut

Then there is the chin part. When modifying the chin, the shadow below the lower lip is used to make the chin shorter, but be careful not to do it too heavy.


Step 3


Body, wear analysis


On the whole, the sense of quantity of the little cute lower body is significantly greater than the upper body, which belongs to


Pear -shaped figure

In terms of part, the upper body has the problem of high and low shoulders and slippery shoulders; the flesh of the lower body is mainly concentrated in the hips, crops and legs.

The pear -shaped figure is best to avoid the strengths by wearing it. I have also talked many times before. I do n’t show it in detail here. Let me simply list it:

丨 Shangfan and Simplified

The characteristics of the pear -shaped body are that the upper body is thinner, so we can put some bright colors or design elements on the upper body, focusing on the focus of the shape. The lower body is mainly concise, trying to reduce the sense of existence.

丨 Upper wide and down

The upper and lower parts are mainly used to balance the sense of weight of the upper body. You can choose some loose -up clothes on the upper and lower body, or have some elements with shoulder pads and shoulder stones, which can cleverly balance the sense of weight of the lower body.

丨 The lower body vertical line

I recommend A -line skirts and wide -leg pants. In addition to extending the lines, I also have a good modification effect on width, hip fertilizer, and thick legs. However, be sure to pay attention to the fabric or texture design a little bit of pendant to avoid too three -dimensional and hard fabrics.


I found that the cute dress style is too single. The most frequently wears is sweater and T -shirt. The lower body is either small black pants or jeans.

Although this kind of single product is not easy to make mistakes, it is still difficult to match the color. If it is only matched with sweaters+jeans, T -shirts+small black pants, it is not easy to make mistakes, but



The more such a versatile item, the more likely you to wear. You only need to change the bottom out, and the overall fashion degree is very different.

for example

Replace jeans for short skirts

The upper and lower short combination pulls the center of gravity to the upper body, weakening the sense of weight of the lower body, which is high and light.


Another example is the same pants,

Change to shark pants

It has greatly enhanced the style of styling, and the length can just reach the crotch, covering the meat first.

The cute sweater is not only single -style, but also does not play a modification effect on the figure.

I said earlier that I had the problem of slippery shoulders, high and low shoulders, like a round neck sweater that fits the shoulders too much, and outlines the shape of the shoulders to the fullest.


Change to hat -coat style

In, the design of the hat can be balanced to a certain extent, playing a role of modifying.

The length of the sweater is just stuck in the widest position of the crotch, as if telling others: see here! Infinitely enlarged the shortcomings.

In addition, I found that Little cute likes to wear tight pants, so I don’t need to say more on the upper body effect, right?

Pear -shaped figure must be avoided!

Step 4


Although the cuteness is very tall, the figure is round, and the age is more suitable for a fashion atmosphere with a sense of youth.


Don’t deliberately build aura for tall people, too tough or mature


Windbreaker+half skirt

Now that most areas have cool down, are you ready for autumn jackets? To say that it is fashionable, it can show temperament.


The little cuteness of the pear -shaped figure can be worn with a half skirt, with a trench coat and a half skirt, you

Don’t worry about the orientation of your body

All physical problems can be perfectly modified.

If the whole body is too heavy, you can make some bold attempts from the inside.

This time I chose the wine red diamond checkered sweater, only a little bit, lined the shape, and added a lot of highlights.


Sweater+wide -leg pants

There are too many possibilities to wear in autumn and winter, but we are the highest in daily wear, which is still those who are still those who are still those who are still wearing


Ensure comfortable and fashionable.

For example, the combination of sweaters+wide -leg pants, the comfort of the two items is very high. The color matching of taro purple+high -grade gray suddenly broke the dullness of autumn and winter, so that the fashionableness of the shape is directly upper Level.

This set seems to be ordinary, but it is actually particular about it. The retro twist weaving greatly enhances the autumn and winter charm of the sweater, and the mix of wide -leg pants with a strong sense of sports produce a 1+1> 2 effect.


You can try to wear it like this for autumn and winter clothes.

Dressing does not necessarily need to be so thin, and it does not necessarily need to be so high. As long as the overall matching and harmony,

It’s okay to leave some small flaws