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If you can buy various big names and small samples if you only need to only 1 yuan, why not try it?

Therefore, when Tmall U first pop -up shops have made “big samples and small samples, 1 yuan, Floa, Katshi, and Helena’s ladies brand are all 1 yuan”, many consumers have difficulty rejecting such high cost -effective, low thresholds, low thresholds, and low thresholds. Trial experience.


More than 70 years ago, Ms. Estee Lauder first created a sample of cosmetics that allowed customers to try freely; now, more and more samples have developed from free trials and possession of themselves into independent sales of products, and gradually form a huge market. According to NPD Group data, the sales of skin care and cosmetics in the United States in 2018 reached 12 billion US dollars (about 8 billion yuan).

Try, blind box, collection store

A variety of consumer scenes of small samples

As a “small” born as a trial installation, in most cases, it still appears as a brand marketing as a brand.

First, free or low -priced sent to potential target consumer groups,

It’s just that in the past, it will be sent from the special person in the mall and the magazine advertising page to become a brand line. It has become a brand line. According to network data, Venona brought 290,000 new customers by sending 300,000 samples, and L’Oreal’s sample distribution brought a 25%repurchase rate to its Double 11.

Picture source: Armani official website, Shiseido official flagship store

The second is to accompany the format,

It has also become a brand strategy of e -commerce. For example, during the Double 11 period, most of the makeup skin care brands no longer stimulate purchases by reducing prices. Instead, with the help of various gifts of gifts to create a more cost -effective feeling for consumers, the live broadcast room also provides benefits by adding small samples. It also avoids the impact of direct comparison on different channels.

Photo source: red funnel

The third is the customization of the gift box,

Combine different samples of single items to create an early adopter experience with a sense of surprise and value for money. For example, the Christmas gift boxes and countdown calendars that are launched by foreign beauty brands every year, and the small beauty box series specially launched by L’Oreal Group will integrate its brand’s star products into different gift packages for sale.


Picture source: L’Oreal Group Xiaomei Box official WeChat

For consumers, small samples are indeed the best choice for trial and early adopters. In addition to the brand used to send consumers and participating in promotions, small samples also appeared as a separate sales product. Fish, as well as offline beauty collection stores such as plums, color graphics, and Xi Ran.

Harmay, a new retail brand of beauty and life categories, opened the first offline store in Shanghai in 2017. It attracts a large number of young consumers to check in with the industrial storage -type shopping scene and cabbage price of cabbage.

Photo source: Harmay official website

On the last day of 2020, the first shop of Haydon Black Hole opened in Wuhan, and gradually expanded to other cities with the concept of a large flagship store of “one city, one store”. In nearly 1,000 square meters of shops, the big samples of makeup skin care occupy a large proportion.


Picture source: haydon black hole official WeChat

Compared to the online, beauty collection stores can provide consumers with a more direct and personalized experience; while the traditional beauty collection stores such as Sipland and Watsons, these new beauty collection stores are based on style. Store space, cost -effective and more comprehensive product strategies, and “non -disturbing” services, more in line with the shopping needs of young consumers.

According to the “2020 Investment and Financing Trends Report” released by CBNData Consumer Station, in 2020, the proportion of offline investment events of beauty channels exceeds the line, showing a high proportion of makeup, high domestic brand proportion, store layout layout The characteristics of sinking.

Why is a small sample business hot

Is it not fragrant in formal installation?

Peng Yao, CEO, CEO of Beauty Retail Brand, once mentioned in an interview: “Makeup itself is a category of strong experience, so the color renderr adheres to all the products Is it a beauty collection store, or a brand counter, independent stores, etc. In fact, most of the opening service will be provided. So why do consumers who come to offline need a sample?


For consumers, in addition to trials, small samples also meet their early adopters and travel needs. For example, lipstick, perfume and other categories, consumers are often not satisfied with a single color number or taste, and the consequences of stocking are often incomplete. The mini version specifications accurately solve this pain point, and the small and exquisite appearance is small and exquisite appearance. It also attracted a group of consumers who paid for the face value. In addition, in the scenes of business trips, the portable samples also highlight the advantages.


At the same time, small sample units capacity and price are lower than that of formal costumes. Under the influence of rational consumption, small samples can better meet consumers’ pursuit of cost -effectiveness.


Picture source: Xiaohongshu

At the supply side, small samples are new drainage weapons for brands and platform stores. Small samples reduced the threshold of consumers’ attempts, and also gave many emerging brands a chance to allow consumers to use and generate repurchase.


The partner Ju Chunmao once said, “On the one hand, big names and small samples have increased the number of customers, and on the other hand, the threshold of new customers has been reduced.” Relevant person in charge of L’Oreal Xiaomei Box operator also pointed out: “Some people may consume in part of the people. It is a good choice to try to try some high -end products, so it is a good choice to train consumers through a small sample combination. “


In addition, the brand will also obtain market feedback through small sales data to support subsequent marketing strategies adjustment.

Source doubt, transformation limited

Where does the small economy go from?

According to the “Metropolis Express” reported on January 28, a shop located on the first floor of the first floor of Kerry Center in Hangzhou was suspected of smuggling. After reporting by consumers, the local municipal regulatory bureau contacted the customs department to assist in the investigation. Merchants could not provide the legal source of the goods involved in the case. prove. After being verified by the media, the store is ONLYWRITE, a beauty collection store, and the products involved are samples of cosmetics.

Picture source: official Weibo of Metropolis Express

Small sources are doubtful

It has always been a major reason for the controversy of beauty collection stores. Many first -line international brands generally do not authorize collection stores. The relevant person in charge of Shiseido China once revealed to the China Consumer Daily that the sample of Shiseido Group’s brand product is for the purpose of allowing consumers to experience products. It is provided for free to use it for free. The store sells small samples.

“Consumers may worry about whether these samples can be circulated, but in fact, at the national level, they belong to the circulation, but the sales methods of each brand are different.” Wang Lihong, the founder and CEO of Black Hole “Said,” Our channel brand is sold through legal channels. Our procurement link is very complete, and it is also a traceability and quality inspection. There is no need to worry about it at all. “

Cosmetic industry media have summarized several sources of small and medium -samples in the market. A small number of among which are presented by brand counters, internal employees and companies, and more are supplied and faked by “reversing”. The gray areas that exist and the anti -grilling effect brought by fake goods to the brand will all affect the further development of the sample economy.

Furthermore, the transformation and empowerment brought by the brand is also limited. The big samples purchased by consumers for “wool” are difficult to establish a loyalty to the brand.

From this point of view, although the small sample economy has its own market, it does bring a lot of new customers to the brand, and has driven the business of many beauty collection stores. However The prospect of business may not be optimistic.

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