See how creative table lamps’ table lamps make the family warm and warm

Lights always give people a warm feeling. In home life, a beautiful table lamp can always bring us warm and romantic and beautiful atmosphere. In the night, put it on the bedside bedside, and the romantic and warm atmosphere in the room was quietly created. During the day, it was an ideal decorative art, dotted with our beautiful life. Today, let Xiaobian take you to see the exquisite and high -value table lamps below!


1. A cute green doll, wearing a large hat on his head, press the switch, its hat will shine. It looks like its brain flashes, bringing inspiration and wisdom.

2. Elegant princess rural platform lights

The lamp body adopts the European -style embroidery process, which is a good way to increase the visual sense of the entire table lamp. The handicraft carvings make the flowers look very delicate and realistic.

3. [Simple LED Lighting Lights]

LED Lighting Lights Warm living room Bedroom bedside lamp Simple Modern Wedding Camera Light Children’s Eye Lights

4. The shell that will glow will bring the romance of the sea into the home, which makes people seem to hear the sound of the waves and the waves, which causes infinite reveries.


The unique hollow design of this lamp uses energy -saving and environmentally friendly LED bulbs. The warm light allows you to enjoy a romantic home life ~ Put such a table lamp in the bedroom, specially showing a small amount of information.




Wedding bedroom bedside lamp


Swan is a symbol of pure and loyal. This creative table lamp has been uniquely designed to create a noble swan. With beautiful ornaments, it is more romantic with table lamps. The festive first -level environmentally friendly red paint is safe and non -toxic, and the milk -white frosted lampshade is beautiful and happy. The wedding is given this table lamp, which means that the day is hot and early!

6. The beautiful and beautiful table lamp can also add a touch of warmth and warmth to the home. When you go home from get off work to see the beautiful and warm hut, will you feel better! Moreover, the lamp is a common lamp in the home. If you want to buy it, you need to buy warm and creative ~

This is a retro lotus platform light. It uses high -grade resin light transmittance materials and warm white light sources to show the white and flawless lotus. Delivery LED light sources not only have a beautiful view, but also can be more energy -saving and durable! Add heating to your furniture.

7. Card paper transformed into a luxurious ferris wheel after careful cutting, and installed the glowing device inside. Once it lights up, the wall immediately projected the silhouette of Polybi. The exquisite picture is exciting.


8. Rural Wind Princess bedroom bedside lamp

The quality of this table lamp is particularly high, and the limited time is limited. Pink ceramic rose petals embellishment, exquisite workmanship, as if entering the world of flowers, smelling the fragrance of flowers, and a curved streamlined design, like the beautiful dancer of the dancer, raised his hands and revealed the beauty. , Small and beautiful. The paint surface is white, smooth, smooth and delicate. Putting in the room is particularly eye -catching.