The most “short leather coat” in spring this spring, with a fashionable personality and a easily possessing her sister’s aura

#What to wear today#



Leather jacket

It can be said that the item with the highest trial rate in spring is because it has two major characteristics. The first is

Strong wind resistance and warmth performance.

The second is the appearance looks like

Cool and handsome.

It can be said to be suitable

Elegant temperament

It is also suitable for handsome and casual style, no matter which one can easily hold it.


Motorcycle leather

You can also wear it if you close your eyes

Sense of fashion

of. For example, with shirt+wide -leg pants

Very retro

, The design of the metal deduction, the overall is more obvious

Simple and profitable,


It’s handsome.

The length of the right is more highlighted

Slender proportion


, Able to show urban women very well

Modern personality.

Look at its simple and classic style

Cool enough

, Handsome and capable temperament, the version is loose, both casual and comfortable and not picky, the whole jacket


Super delicate


Whether you are paired with pants or skirts, you are very fashionable, so do you want to be a cool girl? This spring is indispensable, and it can be effortless.



Type of short leather jacket


Retro motorcycle clothing leather jacket

Many friends are crazy about the love of motorcycles, because it is strong

Retro locomotive wind

, Unlike the conventional leather clothes, it looks monotonous and boring, but it is more fashionable, upper body, upper body

Bring your own gas field.


Wide shoulder is small

It will not be too exaggerated or tough, there is a kind of harm




It was worn out


衣 衣 戗 戗 戗 戗 戗

Skinch has always been given a kind of people

Very cool

, Feel full of personality, especially black leather jackets, even full

Punk sensor wind.

The dignified and stable suit and the feeling of leather jackets are completely different. Compared with the leather jacket, the suit gives people more


Formal and elegant.


Elegant and solemn


When the suit shape is combined with the cool leather jacket, it is like a cold and proud appearance.

Gentle gentleman

Intersection This is such a manifestation of a suit -style leather jacket





It is worth having to wear items.


Folding leather clothes this year is also a popular style, loose and suitable





, Fold treatment looks very

Three -dimensional, rich.

And the feeling of depending on myself behind the weight is very surprising,

Short and back -long

The design, matching with various items

There is no sense of disobedience.


And the small lapels are on all kinds of faces


Very friendly,

We can match one like this in the picture

Bright color system


The bag can neutralize the monotonous of the leather itself, and it can also add lively

Girl feel.


Colored leather jacket

Tired of black leather jacket, and if you want low -key, you can choose

Low saturation

The colored leather clothes seem to have a warm and moist temperament, which is both

Highlights and restrained.

And it is also very


, Can not only interpret the tone of Cool GIRL in place, but also brilliant, we can match

Same color

Leather pants, very overall


And it is also a long -term match.

Matching of short leather jackets


Leather+wide -leg pants

Characteristic characteristics:

The combination of leather clothes and wide -leg pants is


Very classic

A method of dressing. Short version of leather jacket

Small and exquisite

, Super modify the figure. Make the wearer



The graceful body curve can also be used to the extreme.

The reflective fabric of the leather jacket itself is better


Show a sense of fashion


Essence Compared to the strong leather jacket of Modern Fan’er, the style of wide -leg pants must be “Buddha”, and wide -leg pants are basically

Mattic fabric.


Relaxed and light

, Divided into high waist wide -leg pants, ordinary wide -leg pants and low -waist wide -leg pants. No matter what version of wide -leg pants, it gives people a casual and comfortable

Literary sense

The combination of the two is both modern and gentle,

Very beautiful.



Black and white matching is the most classic combination method. You can use both white and black matching, or

Upper black and white match

Of course, it can also be combined with black and white. But no matter how you wear it, master it well


Color ratio

most important.

For example, wearing small black leather clothes with white wide -leg pants. From the perspective of color matching, black because of color

Very deep


If the color area proportion is too large, it will look extra

Thick and deep.

White is the lighter color, but the area is larger and more capable

Highlight the inspiration

Essence However, the seasonal factors must also be considered, because the weather is cold in winter, and the dark color gives people


a feeling of.

For these reasons, black is more suitable for wearing on the upper body, and it is more

Suitable for small area


Essence Selection of long -leg pants on the lower body

White is the most suitable.

Short leather clothing+skirt

The style of the leather coat itself is cool and pulling the wind. It can be said that it is

Neutral wind

Essence However, the little fairies who are pursuing fashion will also open their brains and match the super -neutralized leather jacket

Woring the soft skirt


Such a mixing and matching method is still very very good

Attract attention

of. For example, a small black jacket with a brown dress is very beautiful, because the black itself

The color is heavier.

And the leather jacket itself

Delicate and exquisite

, The brown long skirt style is very literary, the texture of the core velvet fabric makes the skirt itself look more

Keep warm

, And leather jacket


More right.

Skin with skirts can be described as super


, But at the same time

Super eye -catching

Essence It is such a characteristic that we must carefully choose the skirt style that is matched with the leather jacket.

First of all, in terms of length, both long skirts or short skirts can be well matched with leather jackets, but in terms of color, I suggest you choose the color and leather jacket

Compared with a slightly larger style.

Because this can obviously divide leather jackets and skirts, so two items are very personal and both

Very conspicuous

, Can be described as


The best in the mix and match.


When it comes to the characteristics of leather jackets with jeans, the first must be

Slim was thin.

Because the biggest feature of the leather jacket itself is

Short and delicate.

The short hem will make the overall dress look super upper than the waistline, so that it will increase virtually

Ratio of the lower body

Essence And tight jeans are most suitable for matching this upfit,

Tights thin.

Denim pants that show the outline of the legs are super long on the body. If it is a high -waist nine -point pants


Show the leg shape

It’s right. Match with a shorter and long -lasting

Super perfect.

Although leather jackets with jeans

very suitable


, But also want

Pick up the version,

For example, short leather jackets with nine -point jeans are particularly suitable.

Because the overall dress is matched, the upper dress is already

Small model

A short leaflet

, And the black leather jacket is deep in color, which will give people a slightly displayed

Thick feeling.

At this time, the matching of jeans on the lower body is particularly important. Whether the jeans are black or blue, it is best to choose cropped pants, so that the exposed ankle will weaken




The overall shape


Fashionable and individual.

Skin -jacket+same -color pants

Whether it is a black leather jacket or a dark brown leather jacket, match

Same color

The pants are a good choice. Because the leather jacket itself is already

Personal enough

If you follow the color of the leather jacket, the overall styling style is complete and unified.

Very modern.

For example, black leather jackets with black pants, whether this pants are small or ordinary straight pants, as long as

Unified color,


The overall shape is very harmonious,




It will not weaken at all.

As long as the color is combined with the leather jacket, it is only unified in color, and you don’t need to pay special attention to the version, but if you have to make a suggestion, Xiaobian suggests that it is best to choose

High -waisted stovepipe pants

, Both pants straight pants and flared pants.

In this way

The color is very unified

, The upper version is short and the decoration is slender. The proportion of this dress is very hot, and

More attractive.

For example, high -waisted black flared pants can highlight the lower body

Long legs


The advantage, thereby stretching the whole

The proportion of shape.

Skinch+shark pants

The shark pants that are banded by Yang Mi can also be matched with the leather jacket. The black leather jacket opens the front placket with a short white.


Deloged and bottoming,

Don’t mention how hot. And the lower body with a pair of shark pants can be described as

Completely right

Essence Match with a shorter and long -lasting

Very eye -catching.

Picks can not only be paired with shark pants, ordinary ones, ordinary ones





You can, you can show your figure

Perfect effect.

I have to say that the “short leather coat” in spring this spring,

Personality and fashionable


, Easy to own


Intersection Having said that there are so many combinations of leather clothes, I believe that there must be a favorite style of the little fairies. Come and try it.

Super delicate

Characteristic characteristics:

Characteristic characteristics:

Characteristic characteristics:

Characteristic characteristics: