Tang Yixin also walked up “Hip Hop”? It feels very fashionable, but the hat looks a bit big

The style of clothing is where female friends need to pay attention when they are matched with clothing items.

Because everyone’s personality is different,

So pay attention when choosing clothing. Different style choices.

Choose a style that suits you,

In order to make your image more charm,

The style of clothing is not so easy to choose, because many people do not understand what kind of clothing style they are suitable for.

Only understand the style you are suitable for,

In order to carry forward this style

, And make yourself more handy when you are doing clothing, so let’s take a look with Xiaobian, how to choose a clothing style that suits you.


Learn from the style of female stars

Tang Yixin’s style choice

Everyone is born from birth, so their style is also different.

As the growth environment is different,

It will also show a different temperament and charm, but there are so many styles, only on the basis of various styles, plus their own personality.

Learn the choice of some female stars’ clothing style,


This is very helpful for improving its own temperament

Because many female stars in the entertainment industry have a fashion aesthetic that is different from ordinary people.

For example

Some clothing of female star Tang Yixin

It is very suitable for women who are similar to him. Many of Tang Yixin’s shapes are very fashionable, thanks to her own fashion aesthetic vision.

Learn from some of Tang Yixin’s fashion matching,

Improving his fashion aesthetics by learning his matching method

, Combined with your own characteristics and temperament to choose the most suitable for you. Clothing matching is the more important place to imitate the stars.

So everyone may wish to learn with Xiaobian,

Some fashion matching skills about Tang Yixin

, Clame his fashion through his choice of style.

Tang Yixin also walked up “Hip Hop”? It feels very fashionable, but the hat looks a bit big. I have to say that Tang Yixin has a personality in private. It looks quite a hip -hop fan, and it is good at Zhang Ruohuan.

Tang Yixin’s clothing style choice

Hip -hop style

For some women who want to take a fashion route,

Use hip -hop style clothing items to match yourself,

It is very suitable. If a female friend goes on the hip -hop style, it will make the shape look very handsome.

But hip -hop -style clothing is not so easy to choose,

The simplest clothing match is the shape of the sweater,

But the sweater should not choose common black or white sweaters.

Then the sweater is recommended to choose a bright color system,

For example, the blue sweater is very good,

The loose blue sweater will give people very casual, and the feeling of hip -hop is full of fashion.

Loose version of blue sweater,

Suitable for matching with black leggings

This style will give a hip -hop feeling more, and at the same time, this shape can also modify the body of women well.

In order to make your image more fashionable,

Female friends can match a black knitted cap


Black knitted hat is not only fashionable, but also has a warm effect. This shape is still in line in autumn.

Want to create a sense of hip -hop, how can there be no sunglasses?

Use a pair of sunglasses to match your own words

It can make the shape well improve the hip -hop temperament, and sunglasses have such effects.

Women’s other style selection

Gentle wind


Female friends want to create a gentle temperament, so when choosing clothing items,

It is recommended to choose some clothing items with softer fabrics

For example, knitting fir is a very good choice.


Knitwear will not only give a gentle feeling,

It will also make women look more ladylike

It is recommended to choose matcha green for knitwear, and a white T inside is the overall shape. It will look very fresh and have a certain age reduction effect.

Fashionable style

Want to make your own shape more fashionable,


First of all, you can use some laser clothing fabrics

The laser clothing will give people a very post -modern feeling, full of technology, and this fabric has a sense of luster.

It is recommended that you use a pink -purple laser jacket,

Take a white T -shirt inward,

It can reconcile the vulgarity brought by the laser jacket. At the same time, the white T -shirt will make the shape more refreshing, and the fresh temperament is not losing in fashion.

For women with outstanding legs,

It is very suitable to choose a pair of shorts to match yourself

In daily life, the most common shorts should be denim shorts, and the overall shape will also look very casual.

Gorgeous wind

Many women have a certain sense of age,

I will dress myself to mature

Even some female friends who are just 30 years old want to look more mature.

Then you can make your temperament look more beautiful,

You can use some brilliant colors to match yourself,

For example, using rose pink to match your own, you can make your charm more mature. It is recommended to choose a rose pink satin skirt.

No matter what style it is, as long as it is suitable for you, you can make your own image better, so when you choose clothing items, you must pay more attention to the style of style.


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