Novel: The wife will stack the soybean rot, her husband suspects that she is a hotel cleaning, but she does not know that she has been in prison for three years

Gu Su Su was sitting beside the bed in a stunned way, and she couldn’t believe it. Is she dreaming?

Tonight Qin Tianyi let her go. She had thought about a bunch of words to reject him or begging him.

She kept sitting, and she didn’t lie on the bed immediately. She wasn’t used to sleeping such a comfortable bed. Is he distressed her? For the first time in my life, I would feel distressed when I met her?

She turned off the lights in the room lightly. I don’t know how long it took like this. I thought he should be completely asleep before helping him to open the quilt who was blinded and covered him.

But others were too long. The quilt could not be covered with his feet, and his feet stretched straight on the sofa, making him sleeping this sofa. It was really difficult for him.

Gu Susu carefully moved his feet, helped him adjust his sleeping position, and tried to make him feel more comfortable, and then lay on the bed lightly.

When she woke up, she found that the room was empty, leaving her alone, the window was open, and the gorgeous curtains were fluttered by the autumn wind.

Where did Qin Tianyi go? She looked at the mobile phone on the bed and was almost nine o’clock. Why didn’t he wake her up?

She has never had the habit of sleeping. She woke up in the morning without the alarm clock, but she slept too much last night, but she slept.

She got up and hurriedly organized the bed, folded the quilt as the tofu block, and sorted out the sofa that Qin Tianyi had slept.

“Have you stayed in the army?”

Suddenly, the sound of her frightened her. She hugged the quilt on the sofa and turned around and found that Qin Tianyi didn’t know when she leaned at the door, holding a large bag of things in her hand.

Gu Susu replied: “No, just like neat things.” It was not a troops. It was a three -year prison life that made her learn neatly.

But in the eyes of Qin Tianyi, she was like an employee of the hotel room service, and she was deeper. She was a guess of her maid.

He threw the bag in his hand to the bed, and said, “All are ready for you, wear it by yourself. The car that sent us to the Ai family is also ready. I am waiting for you downstairs.”

Before she opened, Qin Tianyi closed the door and went downstairs.

Gu Susu stunned for a few seconds, busy opening the exquisite bag, containing a few large and small boxes, and a beautiful pink bow on it.

Looking at the delicate gift box, she didn’t care what she was contained, but she was reluctant to break the bow.

Being able to receive so many gifts, and such a beautiful packaging, it is the dream she has had when she was a child, but she dreams of realizing today.


But even if she couldn’t bear it, she still had to disassemble these gift boxes.

The shiny and beautiful skirts, big -name fashion jewelry, after Gu Susu replaced, almost didn’t know the self in the mirror.

There was a new dance party in the university, and Ai Yiwei’s surface kindly said that she could borrow her skirt.

But until the dance was approaching that day, Ai Yiwei didn’t lend her skirt.

She had to contact Ai Yiwei in the initiative. After her mobile phone was dialed, Ai Yiwei said that she couldn’t go back in school for a while, and let her go to the room to choose.

It was the first time she came to Ai Yi’s room after she came to Ai’s house. The dream -like room like a princess was full of beautiful clothes she had never seen before.

Selected, she chose a pink chiffon long skirt. She couldn’t wait to wear it on her body. She felt that she turned into a princess instantly, only a pair of crystal shoes.

But she was about to contact Ai Yiwei again. When she borrowed good -looking high -heeled shoes, her mother Yuan Shuna and brother Ai Yifeng suddenly entered the room and stared at her like a thief.

“What do you do secretly in Yi Wei’s room?” Ai Yifeng’s eyes were full of disgust and contempt.

Her hands held the skirt of the chiffon skirt tightly, explaining: “Brother, I want to find a Wei borrowed skirt to participate in the ball in the university …”

“Without Yi Wei’s consent, you are stealing! How can I have a sister like you, it’s really shameful!” When Ai Yifeng saw her ridiculous look, she couldn’t wait to let her disappear immediately.

“I didn’t steal it, just contacted Yi Wei, she agreed, she asked me to choose in the room.”

“Su Su, you need to tell your mother’s skirt to the dance party, but don’t lie, it is even worse to develop the habit of developing deceit.”

“Mom, I’m not deceiving.” Gu Susu said that he took out his mobile phone and dialed Ai Yiwei, but the phone voice prompted unable to connect.

Ai Yifeng looked at her coldly, determined that she stole her clothes in Ai Yiwei’s room and lied, and said coldly: “Take off the skirt on her body, you are not worthy of wearing Yi Wei’s skirt!”

She looked at Yuan Shuna and Ai Yifeng, and only hoped that they could believe in her, “Brother, Yi Wei must have an important thing in school now, so she can’t answer the phone. When she comes back, she will be clear …”

Ai Yifeng no longer wanted to listen to her. Ai Yiwei cried to him privately. Gu Suu Su was insidious and cunning. He wanted to take away everything about her in Ai’s house. It seems that Yi Wei is right.

Without waiting for her to finish the words, he grabbed her hair and went directly to pull the zipper behind the skirt on her.

Gu Susu struggled to protect the skirt on her body and cried: “Brother, let me go. You go out, I take it off by myself.”

Yuan Shuna saw Ai Yifeng moved, and hurried forward to grab him, “Yi Feng, what are you doing, let go. With a mother, you go out, I will let her take off Yiwei’s skirt.”

She took a lot of effort to pull Ai Yifeng away and pushed him out.

Gu Susu was tears, holding her head with both hands, and a numb scalp. Her brother’s brother was not as good as an outsider. In Ai Yifeng’s eyes, she was like a beggar who suddenly broke into the Ai family.

Yuan Shunuo hopes that the girl with a watt and varying lines in front of her is not her biological daughter. The three DNA appraisers are wrong.

But the fact is the fact. This Gu Susu was her biological daughter, but it was not she raised. When she was born, she had been out of school for a long time. She did not know what conspiracy came back to recognize them.

She walked to Gu Susu and stretched out the hand that she wanted to pat her shoulder back again. Psychologically, she still couldn’t accept this sudden daughter who came out. “Take off Wei Wei’s skirt. This skirt is her ten. On the sixth birthday, the birthday gift she bought for her by her own work. Don’t blame Yifeng, your mother goes to give you a skirt, and you can also wear it to the dance party. “

Gu Susu wiped his tears, quickly took off his chiffon skirt, and wore his previous clothes.

Yuan Shuna went to her room and took a skirt casually, and stuffed her: “Don’t enter Yi Wei’s room anymore, go to his room and change it.”

Gu Susu hugged the skirt given by Yuan Shuna and quickly left Ai Yi’s room.

I remember at the university freshman ball, she wore Yuan Shona’s skirt that was neither fits, and she sat silently in the corner, like a jumping clown.

“Grandma is it okay? Master Tianyi is waiting for a hurry.” Rong Mu knocked gently at the door.