Stumbled across an old ship wood coffee table, a friend said the value of 5,000 yuan, only when a table with a small series

Xiao Bian even to friends chatting office, entered the office, a group of Taiwan tea is very attractive to the eye, the ancient form tough, reveals a sense of the vicissitudes of life, evidently with the type of tea and do Taishi, has even patina. Friends said it was a group of old ship wood tea table.

How there are so many small holes punched? Xiao Bian think initially thought it was a get, and later friend said these are small holes punched holes before the old wooden boat hull linked with nails.

A vertical angle of view, it really is, many of these holes are throughout the tea table, there is a black mark on the periphery of the hole, estimated to be perforated when a hot nail to dig into the resulting?


A foot tea table, looks very primitive, seems to just get a block of wood to support where we are. But this small series of wood material is not very clear.

Another tea sets foot only. The beveled, but it looks very casual. And this random, is deliberately to do this, as is the overall style of unity.


This becomes thick a lot. Old wooden boat made with exquisite tea sets with the type and make, good tea sets are good designers made according to old wooden boat shape, looks more natural simplicity. The entire structure is almost entirely tenon structure, we can not see any kind of ordinary furniture making process through modern machines cutting traces of adhesive.


From here you can see the thickness of the old ship wooden tea table, have a thickness of about thirty centimeters. Appearance is also very rough, full of vicissitudes.

From this point of view we can more clearly see the texture and color of the tea table. But some parts are black, small series did not ask is what causes.


This is the bench, but also with the old boat made of wood, tenon see very clearly. Style simple, evidently carpenter should spend a great effort just to make good.


Taiwan tea has a middle groove, seems to be the middle of the empty part of the wood. Old wooden boat making tea table, with the type and make it important. Lee in the groove, depending on the shape of the hollow prevents a bamboo tray, place the tea above, the overall looks quite coordinated. But if replaced wood effect may be better.


From here you can see significant sticking out nails, after years of immersion of sea water is still not very serious corrosion, these visible nails and old wooden boat is really the quality of Leverage.

Vicissitudes of appearance, a sense of great years. It sat on top of tea, very reminiscent of the original ship at sea is what kind of situation, after many years, the story of what’s going on?

From this point you can see the cross-section of old wooden boat tea station. Tenon joint structure is still legible. Generally speaking, the old wooden boat after years of wind and waves sun and rain, the texture is very dense, because mostly hardwood, weight is also very heavy. Xiao Bian hand moved move, even not move.

Friends said that such a set of tea sets (two bench a coffee table), to give the value of five or six thousand. And if the old ship wood tea table surface patina, the value could rise. Members Great God, how do you think this kind of ship wood coffee table? If you can, small series can be called a few friends, to spend money to buy it carried away, do not understand the tea ceremony for small series, the home only when the table to go, ha ha.