Big oil head real -life measured 8 net red shampoo. These septum hair really won’t oil after a few days

As a softened hair, the hair is still oily with hair, and the shampoo has been tried. There are hundreds of species and at least a dozen. I used itself as a little white mouse one by one.

Today, [Little White Rat Tower] is about a few shampoo you like to use as a fine soft oil hair. I have to say that the feeling of not greasy after washing is really good! Intersection Intersection Intersection

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Kumano oil horsewash shampoo water

It is known as the ingredients of horse oil, which is close to the human body oil. After use, it is found that the biggest feature of this shampoo is moisturizing, cleaning cleanly, it is still soft after washing, there is no dryness brought by other shampoo.

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L’Occitane 5 -in -1 herbal essence washing


The small tower started to start L’Occitane because he saw a special event, and L’Occitane has always given people a particularly natural safety. In addition, the scalp was a bit sensitive to the small tower and started decisively.


In fact, this is true. The transparent liquid texture, the thick herbic taste, it is very comfortable to apply on the hair, it will not be dry after washing, it is quite moisturizing. After using it, there is nothing much surprise. It is natural, and it is more suitable for dry damage and all hair.


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The Body Shop Ginger Washing Water


The Body Shop’s ginger has always been its star product. At the beginning of last year, because the small tower was a bit serious, I started.

It is really a very heavy ginger flavor, not good smelling, but the small tower has an inexplicable feelings Orz … the foam is quite rich, transparent liquid, clean is clean, the oil control effect is very good, dedue and itching itching itching itching and itching and itching. The effect is obvious. After washing, it may be slightly dry. It will be fluffy after washing the hair and the anti -off effect is average.

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Zilu Shampoo


The small tower had been hot several times a few years ago, so I used a bottle of red Lu, which was quite satisfactory. So then I started the main oily anti -defense Zi Lu.

Zi Lu is really born to the star of the oil head, and the taste is also the kind of natural feeling (you know ~~), the oil control effect is not bad, and it is very moisturizing. It is smooth after washing the hair, but personally feels like it is not. It is very suitable for fine soft hair, there is no look of fluffy, and it is more suitable for thick hair. However, it took a while to grab the terrorist hair loss situation, which really improved, and the effect was obvious.

Zi Lu can be said to be the most cost -effective in anti -shampoo used by small towers.

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Botanist shampoo

BOTANIST is one of the earliest net red shampoo of the small tower, because the face value is too high, and it is attracted by its main plant concept. Later, the limited edition of summer was released decisively.


This shampoo is also the shampoo with the most surprises to the small tower. It is a relatively sparse water -shaped texture, transparent yellowish, and originally thought that the ability to foam would be poor. All shampoos used before the small tower can be rubbed out of a very rich foam in just a little bit.

The cleaning is very strong, the washing is very refreshing every time, the oil control effect is very good, it seems that the hair is very fluffy ~ the hair is not obviously greasy after a few days of washing ~


However, there are also many friends who talked with the small tower and washed a bit too much. The last conclusion of the small tower is that this shampoo is more suitable for fine and soft hair, because it is dry and fluffy, but generally friends who have thick hair and thick hair are thick and thick. I feel too dry.