Selected good text: double love by eggs 1113, cold -blooded fierce spicy female lead vs Meiqiang hidden male protagonist abuse male

Title: Double Love

Author: Egg 1113

Brief introduction

I just want to be a unique self, but, destined, falling in love, her who belongs to him …

At the age of 19, when her clothes were not unsatisfactory, Qiao Shi’s room in the foggy morning,

Twelve hours later, Ye Xiao also bid farewell to the green virgin …

Ye Xiao’s silent life seems to be one step later than Qiao Shi. Whether it is birth or love,

It’s just this time, he doesn’t want to be late …

It is just a time that I do not want to concession, but it is destined to cause irreparable errors.

And today, who is the real plunder five years later? The conspiracy of step by step has completely disintegrated the marriage that was as thin as ice.

But this time, whose heart is lost in the past? Native

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Cold blood fierce hostess VS Meiqiang hidden male lead, twins, substitute stalks, abuse male, Gu Zuowen. This article reads earlier, and the content was almost forgotten. I remember that the male lead was so miserable.

The male lead and brother are twins. However, as soon as the elder brother was born, he was in light, and his father loved it alone. The male lead was considered by his father to be a murderer who killed his wife’s difficulty in giving birth. So he had never given a good face since he was a child, and then sent the male lead with asthma to the gangster to deal with some people who could not see people. The male lead is gloomy, can’t see light, and has never enjoyed warmth. But my brother wants to have anything. It is good. It is the White Horse Prince in the eyes of everyone. Even the girl she likes loves his brother deeply.


The heroine and brother settled an appointment early. On the day of the wedding, the brother fled. In emergency situations, the male lead had to act as a substitute and marry the female lead. As a result, an accidental death occurred after his brother left. The hostess fell completely, and could not afford it. The male lead has always taken care of the female lead, in order to stimulate her, and has a husband and wife relationship with her. The hostess woke up and gave birth to the child smoothly. In fact, the child was his brother. The male lead knew that he didn’t say anything. He still took care of the heroine and the child. The heroine, regardless of the two children, feels that they have caused the second male to leave …

The male lead is really good to the female lead. Regardless of the result, the heroine has been cold and even wants to kill the male lead. Fortunately, the end of the end, the hostess understood their hearts, and the two finally fulfilled.

Egg 1113 really recalled that her text was a bit abused, and thieves went on! “Weaving Heart”, “Find Grave”, “Sugar -free Love”, “Don’t Love Don’t Disturb”, “It’s Liang, Say Goodbye” is super classic!

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