In late autumn and morning exercises, pay more attention to these 5 things! Eating and dynamic, all said clearly

Many elderly people have the habit of morning exercise. Although it is good for proper exercise every day, the weather is getting colder and colder. If the elderly do not pay attention to the method during morning exercises, it may also affect your health.

Therefore, in order to allow the elderly to better exercise, I will introduce the matters that need attention in the morning and morning exercises in late autumn.

Matters 1: Time to exercise

In the deep autumn season, the weather is getting cooler, especially in the northern autumn, which is still very cold, and most of the elderly have cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, and cerebral thrombosis. Or aggravate the condition. Therefore, it is best to postpone the time to the elderly in the morning at 10 o’clock in the morning, because at this time the sun has come out, the temperature has risen slightly, and it will not be too cold.

Matters 2: Eat before exercise


The physical function of the elderly is weak. If you do not eat, you can easily cause hypoglycemia. If you have a bad heart function, you will easily die suddenly; but if you eat too much, you will have indigestion. Therefore, before the morning exercise, the elderly can do this:

① Drink a cup of warm water about 200 ml to promote stools, diuretic detoxification, and promote blood circulation;


② Eat a small amount, soft, delicious, warm food, such as milk, soy milk, oatmeal, biscuits, eggs, etc.;

③ Elderly people with diabetes can carry foods, candy and other foods with them to avoid the occurrence of hypoglycemia.


Matters 3: It should be comfortable to wear

Choose the right clothes and shoes. For example, you can wear cotton, soft, loose clothes, and shoes are best wearing a soft bottom, which is more conducive to exercise. However, the morning in the middle of the autumn is often cold, so pay attention to keep warm. If it is a morning run, do not take off all the coats at one time. After the end, wipe the sweat on your body as soon as possible and replace the wet clothes to prevent colds.

Matters 4: Exercise after warm -up

Before starting exercise, you must do warm -up exercise, because the human muscles and ligaments are not stretched when it is cold, and the joints are not active. The stiff body is not conducive to exercise, and it is easy to sprain the joints. Therefore, before the morning exercise starts, the elderly can do fast walking, stretching exercise, etc., and when the body feels fever, sweat slightly and then conducts morning exercises.

Matters 5: Good physical condition

If the physical condition is not good at this time, such as fever, cold, etc., you should avoid morning exercises. If you do n’t rest well the night before, try not to exercise in the morning. I feel short, chest tightness, dizziness and other discomfort during exercise, and stop. And don’t exercise violently, it is easy to cause ventricular tremor.