Summer is best for refreshing and clean match! Pants and skirts are so pleasing to the eye

The weather in summer is hot, so refreshing and clean dressing can make people pleasing to the eye. Learn to wear refreshing and cleanly. This summer must be extremely gentle. And refreshing and cleanly wear girls, college style girls, or mature girls can match fresh and fresh clothes to wear a small fresh and sweet side.


Refreshing and cleaning of the skirt

How can this summer be less sweet lady’s small floral skirt? The design of the small skirt of the small floral is very generous, and you can see the fresh and refined temperament of the girl at a glance.

Little floral match is also very fresh in summer, and it is also a high -waist style, which will be thinner to wear. The top is wearing a white shirt, and a white bow is tied to a white bow.

The denim skirt must be the indispensable dress of girls in summer, especially such as such a short skirt. It is actually very leg shape, which will make girls’ long legs more straight and slender.

The denim skirt is also a must -have in terms of style. The top chose a floral print shirt, which is fresh and sweet, and also wears a kind of atmospheric Hong Kong style. The exquisite wear has always been matched with our heart, and it will fall in love with it after trying this style!

Although this body is relatively loose, it visually presents a perfect figure. Girls with loose clothes will not highlight their body lines, but they can be comfortable.

The checkered half -body long skirt is fresh, clean and classic, and also compares the college style. The top with a short white shirt will reduce a little cuteness and lively, adding a little intellectual and beautiful, so it is also suitable for darker girls to commute and work.

The refreshing and clean dress of the dress

The black suspender skirt is simple and atmospheric, and an irregular skirt is wearing a fashion meaning. It is a kind of enjoyment in summer to wear comfortable and loose skirts.

The black suspender skirt is also very sexy, you can wear girls with mature and attractive royal sisters in girls. Naturally, the jacket is also a light and light, and it will be very comfortable to wear. Choose a floral suit jacket, and also wear the sweet face and elegant temperament of girls, giving people a clean and refreshing first impression.


The yellow dress is relatively cute, but it is equally atmospheric and sweet to wear. Because the yellow is playful and lively, it will look more cheerful and cute.


The dress has lace lace designs. It looks like a little girl. The more mature girls will be younger when wearing it! It is also cute with a pair of light beige leather shoes, refreshing and clean, making it difficult to forget when it is seen ~

Short pants and trousers refreshing and clean wear

Jeans are too general and versatile, which can bring many different styles to girls, and it is easier to match. It is very simple to match the fresh and clean style through jeans. The straight porn jeans look straight and straight.

The top with a chiffon shirt, also wearing a delicate sense, gentle, clean and temperamental wear also makes girls look more connotative. The excellent inner is the result of its own accumulation, but the first impression of wearing people is also very important. Women must have both inside and outside.


Short pants will be more casual. Checked shorts with a black belt are more popular this year, more personality, and very gentle.


The top with only a white strap will make the whole person more refreshing. According to personal preferences, you can choose to match a purple knitted cardigan, which can be thin and sunscreen, and it is also very elegant to wear!