Medical air cushion bed, are you right?

Case number one

Recently, when I went to the elderly’s medical room, I found that many elderly people used air cushion beds to prevent pressure damage. However, most of the air pumps in the air cushion and the inlet of the inlet connected in the ward are on the side of the patient’s head. Some air pumps are in the middle of the bed. On the rack. Asked the reason, the responsible nurse answered that the power supply in the ward was on the side of the bed, and the electric plug of the air cushion was connected to the side of the bedside. Besides, isn’t it the same for the bedside and the end of the bed?


Case 2

Coincidentally, I went to the intensive care unit in the afternoon and found that the air pumps of the air cushion were on the feet of the patient. Asked the reason, the responsible nurse answered, we have a logo on our air cushion, and we place it as required. I open the sheets, some say “head”, some are marked with the shape of the feet, and some are marked with “CPR”. It turns out that there are many knowledge in the use of simple air cushions?

1. Is the air pump and its connected air intake on the side of the bedside or the end of the bed?

To this end, I read the instructions of a manufacturer’s medical air cushion. The instructions wrote in the manual that when the air pads should be placed on the patient’s foot, to minimize the impact of air flow noise on the patient. In addition, the air pump will also have noise when connecting the power supply. Therefore, the side of the air pump and the intake inlet with it should be placed on the side of the patient’s bed, and the air pump should be placed on a flat ground or hanging on the bed to avoid noise. With the “head” and “foot” logo, it is executed according to the labeling of the air cushion.

2. Is the air cushion score on the surface? Why?


The air cushion is divided into the surface. After opening the air cushion, you will see the word “up to the upward”, and place this side upwards, because this side has a pilot of the jet, which plays a key role in treating and preventing stressful damage. If The opposite will affect the prevention and treatment of stressful injuries.

3. Can a mattress be laid on the air cushion?


The thicker cotton mattresses cannot be paved on the air cushion, and it is not necessary to lay imbalanced items such as plastic cloth and oil cloth, so as not to affect the spontaneous flow of the air cushion. You can laying sheets and thin blankets.


4. How to clean and disinfect the air cushion?

When replacing the patient’s use, the air cushion should be cleaned and disinfected. When cleaning, it should be performed in the open state. Use a neutral cleaning agent to avoid using soap, 84 liquid, etc. Dry after cleaning, wipe disinfection with 75%alcohol to avoid being placed in strong sunlight and disinfection to prevent air cushion aging.


5. How to use air cushions with CPR function?


The air cushion with the word CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), put the yellow CPR identification end to the patient’s head. When encountering emergency rescue, quickly unplug the gas valve of the yellow CPR logo, and quickly release the gas of the patient’s chest.

Seemingly simple instruments, if you don’t read the manual, you really dare not say that your operation is correct. Any instrument with instructions, it is recommended to look at the instructions before use.