Demystifying the “small” intelligent robot, why can it be a good helper for power workers?

On November 24th, Teng Deyang, the running training department of the Sichuan Sichuan Sichuan Sichuan Skiller Center Power Grid. With the help of “small”, the training class information was completed in less than 5 minutes, saving 90%. For this task, “small oh” has been completed more than 177,000 times, and more than 68 million processing data has been processed.

“Little Oh” is a robot. In May 2019, in order to better achieve the goals of improving work efficiency, ensuring power supply, and lower -level burden, the top technology team of the State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company launched the “small” RPA robot R & D work. The project is based on RPA. (Robotic Process Automation, Robot Process Automation) Technology, through imitation of the daily operations and office behavior of power workers, realize the automation and intelligence of business processes, to achieve the purpose of liberating labor, saving labor costs, and improving work efficiency.

On August 17, 2020, Jinsang City, Chengdu, has experienced the largest traffic flood in 50 years. After Hong Feng, the demand for electricity for residents is imminent. Over 1,000 smart meters every day need to apply for a dressing process. State Grid Jinsang Power Supply Company responded quickly. A power worker completed the work in just 3 hours, and it was not wrong, which efficiently guaranteed the living electricity of residents. In the past, this job requires 5 electric workers to work in 10 hours to complete. The secret behind the work efficiency is also “small” robot.

On December 25, 2020, using the “small oh” robot, Zhu Tao, the marketing department of the State Grid Yibin Power Supply Company, completed the batches of the newly installed new installation process of 120 low -voltage users’ smart meters in 30 minutes, saving 80%, realizing the rapid power supply of residents , Change the situation of long manual treatment time, many processes, and errors.

State Grid Sichuan Electric also applies “small” robots to analyze the problem of repeating power outages. Ensure that before repeated power outages, the work plan is adjusted in advance, and the power outage notification work will be made in advance to minimize the impact of power outages on production and life.


At this point, the “small oh” robot has been promoted and applied throughout the province, training in multiple fields such as power supply services, power grid construction, and power grid business.

In addition, in terms of deepening application of the “small” robot, State Grid Sichuan Electric has formed an innovative atmosphere that is better than learning. A large number of employees actively participate in RPA training certification, and at the same time actively promote the preparation of textbooks, application development, etc. The “small” ecosystem of “development, application, iteration, and promotion”.


Li Yu Ge Zhang Weifang Cover Journalist Yang Li

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