Winter Olympics countdown 50 days Beijing middle school students Yongding Building dance

Yangguangwang Beijing December 16th news (Reporter Huang Yuling) Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics countdown 50 days, dozens of middle school students in Munzhuang Middle School, Xinqiao Road, Middle School, gathered in Yongding Building Dance, carry out the “Welcome to Winter Olympics to the future” activities. The children of Junzhuang Middle School showed the “Winter Olympics” dance. The children of Xinqiao Road Middle School Jinfan Dance Troupe danced the capital of the West Taiping, and could also refuel for the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics.

Students play Jingxi Taiping Drums (Yangguang Net Winter Olympics Organization)

冬奥会倒计时50天 北京中学生永定楼前起舞聚力加油

Jingxi Taipong drums were included in my country in 2006, the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage in China. Xinqiao Road Middle School has also been constantly working on the path of non-legacy inheritance and innovation, so that children have more opportunities to learn, Experience, show this wonderful Beijing taste culture. In the 2008 Summer Olympics countdown for 100 days, Xinqiao Road Middle School participated.

In 2022, Beijing became the first “Shuangyao City”, Mun Zhuang Middle School, and Xinqiao Road in the history of the Shuangqiao. It is proud of the country. Little dancers have stimulated creativity by learning Winter Olympics, and decorate the snowflakes on Wei Feng gongs, decorate the “Winter Olympic Creative Plan” on Taiping Drums, helping Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Society successfully held, show New era adolescent youthful vitality.