Silver sequin pointed and fine heel shoes, with a spoil jacket skirt, beauty is really not afraid of cold

In winter, how to match it, many people have such distress. In winter, some beauties are not afraid of cold. They are also fighting for beauty. They feel that life is not a season. Most beautiful women are long down jackets. , Thick cotton pants match, they can travel alone, and they are not very anxious, and there is no feeling of shaking. Is this the difference in constitution? Some people are not afraid of cold in life. I have encountered such people in their previous life. The temperature is below zero, and she also wore half -sleeves to go out. It feels cold when she looks at it.


Today, I shared this beautiful woman, she is not afraid of cold. In the New Year’s Day, the temperature during the day is also close to zero, so it is relatively cold. Some people around her, and some people wear thick down jackets, but this beauty is just her legs none. , Choose a pair of silver sequins pointed heel shoes. It is very classic and simple. In fact, in the early autumn, it will feel normal. When you see such a beauty passing in winter, it is difficult to pay attention. Envy her match, not to say a sour words. When you are old, you will have cold legs.


With a black tassel skirt, some thighs, the embellishment of the tassel, look better, it looks special, the beautiful leg shape is also good -looking, and more confident. In fact, it will be better with boots. Tall and tall, you can match the fine heel style. In fact, it is still necessary to pay attention to some in winter. It is not just a beautiful woman with a jacket, or the Chinese down jacket is not afraid of cold. Few people dare to try, in fact, she will not be too long outside, so don’t worry about it will be particularly cold.

Black down jacket match, short medium, warmth effect is still very good. Many people with down jackets will match, and there are many styles and colors. Beauty chooses black. This will be relatively low -key and easy to take care of. It seems that the beauty should be participating in the event before it will be matched like this. The down jackets are used as the outside. After the event, the rhythm is ready to go back. Now many activities will invite some beauties to help out, and the matching must be fashionable and exquisite, so that the event will be more exciting. Some.

Beauty also paired with a light gray scarf, which is very simple and very atmospheric. This life will be better, and it will also be matched with a simple feeling. It is very environmentally friendly with a red canvas bag. There is no logo on it, it is a very simple style, and red also sets off this down jacket, which increases color and has an embellishment effect. It is fashionable to try, so that your life will become more and more exciting.