The driving recorder of the touch screen operation is so simple traverser M10

Only those who operate the machine back to play the video at night will know what kind of pain it is.

触屏操作的行车记录仪就是这么简单 征路者M10

Yesterday, I needed to check the release of the driving recorder on the road. As a result, the more anxious to find the button, the more anxious, the more I couldn’t find it.

The anxiety feels so uncomfortable.

I have a feeling of unblocked by the M10 of the Router M10, and my mood is beautiful.

Routeor M10

The feeling that can be operated directly on the screen is the same as the operation on the mobile phone.

触屏操作的行车记录仪就是这么简单 征路者M10

Play the video and click directly in the desktop.

The important thing is that the clarity of this machine is very good. Especially night vision is much stronger than ordinary.

Judging from the flagship store of Tmall Routers, the newly launched version, upgraded version, from the perspective of operation and humanized UI, is indeed working hard to increase user experience. Praise one first.

Let’s zoom in to look at the desktop:

The driving recorder is the largest, on the far left, which is convenient for viewing the effect.

A few keys are also available. They are often used and do not need to touch the button to operate.

There will be no way of pressing the keys.

Strangely, there are still keys under this machine, but only the switching key is useful. The short press is the screen protection, and the long press is turned on and turned off.

I don’t understand why this is designed like this.

But regardless of him, the point is that the operation is convenient for N.

The effect is pretty good! In the high -definition era, one penny and one penny, the lens is expensive and expensive.

Everyone supports and follows us. I have shared the interface of each UI in the settings before, the way the operation and the way to return to the desktop. After paying attention, you can view our previous sharing content.

Routeor M10

Routeor M10