Yurop network teaches you H3C_MSR_30-20 router configuration and NAT conversion – start Telnet and SSH

Today, the Xiaobian of the Yurop Network is briefly introduced, the configuration and NAT conversion of the H3C_MSR_30-20 router. We are common from Huawei routers, and the switch and other data network products are used to use the general routing platform VRP (VERSATILE ROUTING Platform), the basic principle is similar, just different code and commands, such as RIP, OSPF, SISII and other protocols. China’s Huawei and H3C belong to brother products, and orders are very close, as long as you will be almost the configuration of H3C.

1. Start configuring the router, we have to be a network topology, let our brain have a thinking, what features are implemented through the router.

2. First, connect the H3C Console line link, configure the command, turn on Telnet or SSH. // User view prompt


system-view // into the system view

[H3C] sysname h3c_msr_30-20 // Modify the device name to H3C_MSR_30-20

[H3C_MSR_30-20] VLAN 2 // Create router management VLAN2

[H3C_MSR_30-20-VLAN2] management-vlan / / and specify VLAN2 management VLAN

[H3C_MSR_30-20-VLAN2] quit

[H3C_MSR_30-20] [H3C_MSR_30-20] Telnet Server Enable // Telnet is closed by default, you need to open

[H3C_MSR_30-20] User-Interface Vty 0 4 // Opens VTY line mode

# user-interface refers to the user interface. Vty is known as Virtual TeleType Terminal refers to a virtual terminal. 0 4: 0 is the initial value, 4 is the end value. Indicates that 5 sessions can be opened at the same time.

[H3C_MSR_30-20-UI-VTY0-4] Authentication-Mode Scheme // Configure the authentication method for Scheme

[H3C_MSR_30-20-UI-VTY0-4] User Privilege Level 3 // Set the administrator’s account permission to 3 (highest)

[H3C_MSR_30-20-UI-VTY0-4] SET Authentication Password Cipher $ C $ 3 $ fr / svtoqo4sio8gthtdui1dlf0k17nmboa == // Configure username and password, username is not case sensitive, password case case case )


[H3C_MSR_30-20-UI-VTY0-4] quit

[H3C_MSR_30-20] local-user admin

[H3c_msr_30-20-luser-admin] Password Cipher $ C $ 3 $ fsasme4svtsrkfw + xd + hc1gghnnsdnjkhg == // Configure username and password, username is not case sensitive, password case case case (Simple plain text password cipher cipher)

[H3C_MSR_30-20-Luser-Admin] Authorization-Attribute Level 3 // Sets the administrator’s account permission to 3 (highest)

[H3C_MSR_30-20-LUSER-Admin] Service-Type SSH Telnet // Configure SSH Telnet protocol

[H3C_MSR_30-20-luser-admin] quit

[H3C_MSR_30-20] SSH Server Enable

[H3C_MSR_30-20] SSH User Admin Service-Type All Authentication-Type Password

[H3C_MSR_30-20] Quit save // ​​Save Configuration

3. Check the command Display Current-Configuration to see if the configuration is correct.

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