I wake up for those who get up every day: you should change to a “alarm bell”

Recently, the temperature is getting lower and lower, which makes the process that did not get up smoothly.

Some people can be sober as long as the alarm clock sounds; and some people need five or six or more alarm clocks to stumble open their eyes.

“I get up every day, alarm clock”

For those who can’t sleep naturally, which kind of alarm clock can help to wake up quickly? A study on the impact of alarm clock on sleep inertia reveals the answer.

“Life Times” combines research and interview experts to analyze various factors that affect soberness, and teach you to get a full morning.

Change the alarm ringtone and get up even more sober

Published in “PLOS ONE” published in the Public Science Library found that the alarm bell will affect the intensity of sleep inertia after getting up.

Sleep inertia refers to the phenomenon of lack of cognitive ability, alertness, perception, and decreased exercise ability of people after waking up. In simple terms, it is the feeling of drowsy after waking up. Sleep inertia will gradually alleviate with the extension of sober time. Generally speaking, this state occurs within 15-30 minutes after waking up, and it can last 4 to 8 hours in severe cases.

The researchers tested 50 volunteers after getting up in their own home. Study counts everyone’s alarm ringtone and quantifies their sleep inertia. It was found that compared to those alarm clock ringtones of “beeping beep”,

More melody ringtones can make people wake up more quickly.

Studies have also found that individuals’ preferences on ringtones will not have any impact.

The author of the article says that many people may think that the harsh alarm sounds people quickly wake up, but experimental data shows that the melody ringtone has better results.

This may be because the soundless alarm sound may disturb the brain activity and make it even more chaotic. The mild melody can help us transition from sleep more efficiently to a sober state.

These factors are affecting your sober

Some people wake up from their sleep and soberly, but others may “stupid” after getting up.


The duration and severity of sleep inertia vary from person to person and are affected by multiple factors.

Sleep situation


Insufficient sleep will increase the discomfort caused by sleep inertia. For example, after staying up late, many people often feel drowsy and have no cisiability.

daily routine

The body hopes that you can follow the rhythm of day and night: when the biological clock thinks to sleep when I should sleep. For example, when people wake up at night, they will feel sleepy. This is also one of the reasons why many people feel difficult and painful.

Sleep cycle

If you wake up from the “light sleep” stage, it will be a sober morning. If you are awakened in the “Deep Sleep” stage, it may face a muddy morning.

And the six sleep habits that make you “can’t get up” are dragging you:


Pajamas are too tight

Tight pajamas will not only affect breathing, but also cause poor blood circulation. It is best to wear loose pajamas while sleeping. Women must take off their bras before going to bed.

Fall sleeping


With the increase in carbon dioxide concentration in the quilt, the concentration of oxygen continues to decline. Over time, it will cause hypoxia, resulting in low sleep quality. After waking up, you feel dizzy and weak.

Sleep on a pillow

When sleeping under the head, it will affect the blood circulation, cause numbness and sore arms, and increase the pressure in the abdomen. Over time, it may cause gastroesophageal reflux.

Open my mouth and breathe

It is easy to breathe in the dust with your mouth, and it is also easy to stimulate the cold air and the lungs, which affects the quality of sleep.

Eat too full before going to bed

Eating too much can excite the brain, make it difficult to fall asleep or difficult to enter deep sleep. The human body has the lowest metabolic ability at night, and the diet before bedtime will increase the burden of metabolism and cause indigestion.


When sleeping with others, most of the gas inhaled by the other side is the exhaust gas exhaled by the other party. The oxygen concentration is low, which can easily lead to insufficient oxygen supply of the brain. Parents who are accustomed to “hugging and sleeping” should pay attention to parents who sleep with their children.

Do 7 things “without pain” to get up

How can I have a full morning? From falling asleep to getting up, try to do the following things.



Take a warm bath

Take a warm bath for ten minutes in the evening, which can promote blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, and naturally ushered in sleep, helping to sleep well.


Create sleep environment

The mattress should be relatively solid and do not over -soft collapse; choose a comfortable pillow, the pillow height is about 10 cm; the light of the bedroom should be dark, it is recommended to pull the curtains; for most people, 18.3 degrees Celsius is an ideal temperature.

If you have conditions, you can try to sleep naked, help your body cool down, and then improve sleep quality.


Link the bed with “sleepy”

The bed is only used to sleep. Don’t read books on the bed, play mobile phones, watch TV, eat, etc. Before going to bed, you can imagine some comfortable and comfortable environment, such as beaches, forests, etc.

If you can’t fall asleep in 20 minutes, get up to do other things. When you are very sleepy, go back to bed.


Steak before 23 o’clock

For adults, it is necessary to ensure that the sleeping time is about 7 ~ 8 hours per night, and it is considered to be the best time period for entering deep sleep at 23 to 3 am. It is recommended to set up a alarm reminder to go to bed.


Wake up and play mobile phone

When you are sleepy, you can watch a small mobile phone to help sober. By the way, you can also check the news or schedule, etc.


Sitting on the bed slowly

Sitting up slowly, stretching your body, sitting for two minutes, making the cold air outside the bed stimulating his head to sober, and then getting up. Pay attention to putting on clothes in winter to avoid cold.


Get up and drink warm water

After waking up in the morning, drinking a glass of warm water can stimulate the rest of the gastrointestinal and intestines to start working, sending a eating signal, and the human body will be sober. Be careful not to drink cold water, which is not good for gastrointestinal health for a long time.