Qiaomu Township, Qingyang County: The professional explanation of the blue sky rescue team explained the weaving left -behind children’s anti -drowning safety network

Children are the flowers of the motherland, the hope of the nation, and the healthy growth of children are related to the happiness of millions of families and the future of the motherland. With the advent of the hot summer, the drowning accident of primary and secondary school students has also entered a dangerous period and high incidence. In order to further do a good job of left -behind children’s drowning work and effectively strengthen the safety education of minors, Qiao Mu Township invites the professionals of the Blue Sky Rescue Team to explain to the children to explain to the children. The knowledge of anti -drowning, preventing and eliminating the occurrence of children’s drowning accidents, and incorporated drowning work into one of the practical activities of “I do practical things for the masses” for party history learning, and advanced steadily.

The event Qiao Mu Township Dongyuan Village organized a number of students and parents to participate. At the event, the Blue Sky Rescue Team interacted with the children through teaching and fun. First of all, I will explain to you which waters are in dangerous areas. We should stay away from it, and then explain and demonstrate the basic steps of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in detail. Then invite children to conduct on -site operations, make correct guidance, and finally analyze the common common drowning with children. The reason and how to avoid accidents, let children understand the harm of drowning more clearly, and master the correct self -rescue method when drowning.

In order to effectively prevent and curb the occurrence of drowning accidents, Qiao Mu Township Dongyuan Village also uses electronic display screens, WeChat work groups, home propaganda, Tangba inspections, and set up warning signs to strengthen the propaganda work of drowning during the summer vacation, and weave a solid work. Anti -drowning safety net.

Through this activity, the awareness of the safety precautions of left -behind children and parents has been effectively improved, the self -security consciousness and responsibility awareness have been further strengthened, and the visits of left -behind children are strengthened. Safe on a happy holiday.