What are the 50 sets of super -full analysis of the men in “Ode to Joy”


You may want to say that if you see the topic, is it a bit late to pick up “Ode to Joy”? But now that you have already opened it, you can read the article by the way ~

In fact, the editor of “Ode to Joy” also read it, and after watching each episode seriously, I have been hesitant to write something when I watched it. As a result, I only got this tweet today. Knowing that there are many public accounts and “Ode to Ode to Joy”, but you can still read this article, maybe there is a loss!

Both the brand and the car have been picked up, so today we are really picking up clothes. Look at how the 6 -bit style of elite men in the play are worn ↓↓↓

Tan Zongming

Personal settings: big entrepreneurs, business legendary personality: smooth world, bold, and righteousness

Regardless of status or financial resources, Tan Zongming is a big boss in “Ode to Joy”. Although his dressing style has the common randomness of the boss, he still has a rigorous inside, and the color is basically neutral. The first few shapes were a thin start or shirt with white T. In the company, the lower body is matched with suit pants.

There are also more versatile khaki pants, with a dark blue cardigan showing his stability, and white T brought some refreshing.

This uses the rice -white cotton and linen cardigan with nine -point gray casual pants and brown sneakers. It is fashionable without losing the aura. There is a feeling of being in a hundred battles.

In addition to a thin cardigan, in the autumn, he changed into a round necklads with a shirt. The lower body was also suit pants+leather shoes. It would not look too casual. He also faintly saw a warm male temperament.

This kind of white shirt+gray pants is more traditional business, but Jin Dong’s temperament and figure are, so it is still the sense of view of the overbearing president.

Basically, Lao Tan’s wearing a suit is also a relatively casual way of wear. He does not often hit the tie and unlock a shirt button. The color of the suit is also the color of everyone often recommend everyone, because it is good and textured.

This set is the most formal shape of Lao Tan’s drama. It appeared twice. The striped double -breasted suit classics will not be old -fashioned. The blue shirt and pocket scarf inside look a bit like a fashionable gentleman. Essence

Finally, look at his winter shape. Basically, the inside is to choose a fine knitted turtleneck sweater, with a suit or coat, simple, practical and fashionable.

Bao Yifan

Personal setting: rich second -generation, group deputy president character: romantic 倜傥

Xiao Bao is always a rich second generation. Even if he acts more practical and has the ability to do things, it is inevitable that there are some publicity. This can be seen when he first appeared. Covels+wine red suits are not everyone can hold it.

And the embellishment of this neckline silk scarf also sees that he cares about his image. To be honest, he is a gentleman, but whether anyone dares to wear it like this and can see his confidence.

The next few sets are relatively casual, but the following two sets still chose shirts and ties for inside, but the coat chose a more approachable knitted cardigan. If you look closely, you know that the small bag always chooses the nine -point striped trousers and Lefu shoes with the full Thom Browne.

Red is also a relatively exogenous color. It seems that Bao always likes TB ~

The following set is also very Fashion. I chose a green trench coat with a white sweater. The lower body is still cropped pants. Suddenly I feel that there is a stylish and warm man’s temperament.

In the end, a white really in the seaside, is this a bridge to come out of the White Horse Prince? Most people still don’t wear it like this.

Strange point (Wei Wei)

Personal: Big Boss Personality: Low -key, thoughtful mind

Although this person is a big boss, he is low -key, so at the beginning a blurred figure and when he was at home, it was basically a clean and simple white shirt.

The clothes he wears at home are mainly comfortable, and the colors are relatively plain. It feels a bit fresh.

Then in public, all his shapes are shown in a suit. When I first appeared, I wore a gray suit+blue and white shirt+sneakers, in line with his low -key character. After that, there are several sets of the same shape.

This kind of casual dressing is also a look of camel suit+striped T -shirts of the same color. It is also very light and actually has a little fashion.

The remaining shapes are basically standard suits and leather guidelines. His suit styles are roughly basic models. They are almost the same as what we said before. His suit is more gray and Tibetan blue. However, he has a thoughtful choice on the tie and pocket scarf. The tie of the wave dot class is also a good choice with a suit.

Even the checkered suit is to choose a relatively conservative color and pattern, which is very good with his thoughtful personality.

In addition to white shirts, it is also based on a wild light blue shirt. It is fresh and low -key, and it will not fall into the vulgar cover.

The following set seems to be a single point, but it is almost the most amazing point in the play.

Zhao Qiping

Personal set: high -quality students, doctors, doctors,

Personality: petty bourgeoisie, chic and interesting

Although Dr. Zhao is a high student and a doctor, he also has a chic heart, so he likes Qu Xiaoxiao’s unexpectedly. His dress is a serious and personal characteristic. Even the white coat chose a blue shirt and a little color tie, which also brought a sense of intimacy to the patient.

In the same inner, it is just right to go to the restaurant to choose a striped double -breasted suit.

Blue has a lot of times on Dr. Zhao’s body, and the blue is clean, which is also related to the high personality of this person. In addition to shirts, the blue suit has also appeared many times.

This set of the same color is really hard to say. It is estimated that the average person is not easy to control. Even the shoes are also green suede -like Brock. It should be on the streets.

It is found that Dr. Zhao’s small suit is generally west, easy to go to work, and also in line with his chic character. This dark suit with white casual pants and the addition of pocket towels brighten the upper body color. echo.

The next two sets are more sporty and casual. The loose stripes T are paired with black narrow -leg pants and black Slip On. The proper youth fashion is good.

From the Pentagon T -shirt (what brand do you know), it can be seen that Dr. Zhao is also a more concerned person.

In the last episode, the Scottish plaid sweater with a shirt tie, fashionable and highlighting the book of the book, red can also reflect the festive atmosphere at that time.

Wang Baichuan

Personal setting: ordinary family, entrepreneurial boss personality: solid and solid, small vanity

As a young man who has just started entrepreneurship, Wang Baichuan has a little vanity heart that makes him care more about his dress. His shapes are mostly in suits, so it is also a suit that young people can learn from. For example, a darkened double -breasted suit below can show the youthful appearance and it will not be too fancy. Seeing customers can wear it.

I don’t know how much this crew loves blue shirts, and it also illustrates the fashionable and practicality of the blue shirt. Almost all boys have passed it through it. Among them, Wang Baichuan and the most strange point can also see that it is suitable for men with various styles.

Unlike the strange point, Wang Baichuan has a lot of striped tie when choosing a tie. Perhaps because he entertains more, and he is still in the early stages of entrepreneurship, he has a stronger business atmosphere.

Yao Bin

Personal set: Two generations of 绔 绔 绔

Finally, in the play, Qu Xiaoyu’s good girlfriend, Yao Bin. Yao Bin’s styling style is particularly fitted with his people: young, rich second -generation, daily activities are eating, drinking, drinking and playing with friends of the rich second -generation. So his shape is basically exaggerated and tide.

Croxin’s hat, Rick Owens’s shoes can see his love for tide cards.

There are uppercase Supreme and a must -have red black plaid shirt.

Raf Simons’s shirts are also put on, anyway, it is right to wear or so.

Since the tide is of course it is indispensable, Off-White is indispensable.

And the wing T wings T.

In recent years, there are very popular tide of FEAR of God that are very popular in Europe and the United States.

The essential GIVENCHY stamp T, the rich second generation, finally appeared with the Dajin chain.

In the end, how can the Boy of ACNE Studios be tide?

After reading these elite men with different status, who do you think is your favorite style, or which one is more suitable for you? Hurry up and smash your comments ~

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