Ouyang Nana rarely flipped, wearing wave dot puff skirts sweet and fairy, too mature shoes are not very good

Ouyang Nana, as a post -00 flower, has no choice but to choose from. The height of 167 is not tall, not low, and just right. She is exquisite and thin but not firewood. She has a pure and sweet face. She laughs cutely. Ouyang Nana is still a child star. She participated in variety shows from an early age. When she was a child, she was weird and cute. When she grew up, her face value was completely crooked, and she became more and more beautiful. Not only that, Ouyang Nana has a lot of people who have dumped their peers, and they became the first post -00 partner in Taobao.

No wonder the words “Every girl wants to live as Ouyang Nana” on the Internet, Ouyang Nana’s life is really enviable. After becoming a spokesperson for Taobao, Ouyang Nana is increasingly worn. Whether it is private or activity, it will be praised by a large number of netizens. I have to say that Taobao is very eye -catching. Ouyang Nana’s young figure is good and sweet. Even the items on the streets can be different, and their temperament is outstanding. It is really easy to attract a large number of young netizens. Say.

However, Ouyang Nana seems to have rarely turned over recently. On June 9th, Ouyang Nana appeared in Shanghai to participate in an event. On the same day, she wore a black and white wave dot puff dress with curly hair. The whole person was completely sweet. The smart little fairy. Black and white wave skirt is the good choice of her age. The wave dot element has both a girl fan and a retro taste. The retro style has a neutral sweet breath. sense.

The wave dot skirt is designed with a tube top, revealing a charming fragrant shoulder, clavicle, and a swan neck. The tube top is not the same as other styles. It is practical. Through the left arm, the design is unique and ingenious. Suddenly, it will feel like it will fall, but it is actually safe. This crumbling feeling is charming and novel. In addition, the skirt is only the left cuffs, and the other arm is completely exposed. The irregularity is asymmetric and sweet.

Looking at the shoulders, I felt that Ouyang Nana was thinner, and her shoulders narrowed. Although the version of the puff skirt did not highlight the waistline, the skirt was short enough. She had just covered her hips and perfectly revealed a pair of slender and long beautiful legs. Because the skin is exposed up and down, even if there is no waist design, it will not be short. Instead, it can hide the fat of the small belly, which highlights the long legs to the greatest extent. Such off -shoulder short puff skirts are very suitable for Apple -shaped figures. They are thin and thin in the middle.

But it was surprising to see Ouyang Nana’s shoes. She wore a pair of black pointed shoes and used this too mature shoes with the sweet girl’s puff skirt, which was really uncomfortable. Against the skirt, the shoes seemed very old -fashioned, very old -fashioned, very much like a mother’s shoes, which suddenly lowered the value and temperament of Ouyang Nana. It seems that she has a lot of earth. If the shoes are replaced with a pair of black Martin boots, it should be better. The sweet and cool wind is very popular in recent years.

Moreover, Ouyang Nana’s pure and sweet appearance incorporates a bit of a little boy’s rate and unrestrained personality. She is really suitable for the sweet and cool style. Especially the sweet girl skirt with black Martin boots, and Ouyang Nana is a perfect match. The white shirt is very intellectual. With shoes and socks -like Martin boots, it not only adds a bit of cool fan, but also instantly improves the shirt skirt The texture and fashion.

Ouyang Nana has this pure and sweet face. Whether it is pants or skirts, with Martin boots, it is very nice. The method of wearing is cool and high. Black suspenders+black slim pants+black Martin boots, without exposed legs but showing superior legs, while light -colored T -shirts and mini skirts with black Martin boots are cool and sweet. These are very suitable for summer. Sweet and cool shape.

Back to Ouyang Nana’s recent photos, she has a lot thinner, but there seems to be much changes on her face, and there is a very fleshy, fleshy face with a slender tall figure. This contrast is really really the contrast. It’s too pleasing, similar to Zhao Lusi, Ouyang Nana really has nothing to be black in terms of appearance ~

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