Fresh and natural small floral sleepy eye mask handmade creative production method illustration diagram

Passionate to catch the beautiful creativity in life is a self -confidence expression.Handling can enrich the beautiful life. Xiaobian collects the most practical handmade creative tutorials for relatives. Welcome people who love DIY to go to the meat network and share your creativity. HereSleep eye mask handmade creative production method diagram, you must learn together!If you like it, you might as well feel these beautiful handicrafts to bring you happiness.

We need a piece of floral cloth, scissors, filled with silk cotton, needle thread, pencil, etc.

First draw the paper -like paper -like, cut out.

Then cut the floral cloth and fill the silk according to paper -like.

It is estimated that the length of the loose tight rope is cut.

Then we cut our tailored fabrics and fillers and sew.

OK, complete, a beautiful sleeping eye mask, you can do it yourself ~

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