A classic retro -prince model, 250 fat fat, chain locomotive within 10,000 yuan

Among the 250cc prince cars at the motorcycle, I believe that everyone has a soft spot for the old Honda CA250, but with the upgrading of domestic motorcycles products, these 250 -level locomotives have begun to study and create in domestic motorcycle factories. Gradually becomes mature models. Although the overall workmanship and performance are different from imported motorcycles, they have high cost performance as domestic models.

A classic retro Prince Model Da Ford 250 has become a classic model in the eyes of domestic Moou friends. Dafu’s 250cc -level motorcycle uses a high -profile national 4 electrical injection system, equipped with violent TBF250 engine. The performance of this engine’s performance The parameters can be refer to the upgraded version of Haoyue 230. The internal structure is used to use the design of the chain machine. The style of the whole car is tough, and a retro style element is integrated into it.

From the perspective of this engine alone, Ye Sheng’s electrical injection system is used, with a maximum power of 13kW and a maximum torque of 16.5N.M. The front and rear wheels adopt the design scheme of the front double disc brakes and the rear disc brake, and the rear suspension of the hydraulic device. In fact, because of the domestic reasons, this car is also relatively average in cost performance. The price is about 9280 yuan, but its overall appearance is still very resistant. Simple installation makes this car an ideal retro prince of young people.

In addition to the characteristics of the small chain machine, the Flying Corporal 250 Retro Prince Cars also brings confidence to the riders. It is also more windy to drive on the streets of the city. Although the level of models will be very different in the configuration of hardware, it can become a classic model among models within 10,000 yuan.

The power is enough, and the style is dazzling is its main selling point. Friends who like to ride the wind can consider that the color and style of the cushion can be replaced into several colors, but there is still a difference in workmanship and materials with big -name models. After all, a penny is a penny. These domestic retro princes are relatively good in terms of appearance and cost -effectiveness.

So what do you think of this locomotive equipped with a chain engine within 10,000 yuan? Welcome everyone to leave a message to communicate.